Green Zones


A happy district is a district that breathes. To be reborn, to garden, to reconnect with nature, with light, with conviviality, whether it contributes to fighting against heat islands or to embellishing daily life, plants are one of the pillars of the transformation of Paris La Défense.

37.35ha of green public spaces

Far from the usual image of the grey and mineral district, the reality of the territory tells a completely different story: a site where vegetation is taking root and developing for the greater happiness of its inhabitants and employees (83% of the inhabitants of Paris La Défense are satisfied with the quality of the green spaces).

Today, the vegetated surfaces in La Défense represent 11 hectares, or nearly 35% of the pedestrian space. And this is just the beginning. In 2019, Paris La Défense has created 3,700 sq.m. of predominantly planted public spaces. This ecological vision does not only concern public spaces. Paris La Défense requires that all new construction projects make room for plants, around the buildings or on their roofs. Three criteria are examined: the quality of the green spaces, their aesthetics and their feasibility. Developers and companies are thus encouraged to develop greening within their projects, while favouring species from the Paris basin that will also have positive effects on the ecosystem of Paris La Défense.
From the Groues eco-neighbourhood project in Nanterre, to the creation of a Park on the esplanade of La Défense, via the suspended promenade of the Rose de Cherbourg, green is constantly gaining ground in all districts.

Paris La Défense also has 3 shared gardens, accessible only to members except during gardening workshops.
There are 7 parks, including one of the largest, Parc Diderot, with a surface area of 12,000 sq.m. and a difference in height of 14 metres.
In total, 4,137 trees are maintained and pampered by the Paris La Défense teams in the four corners of the territory, including 2,900 in La Défense.

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