Jardin Suspendu

Jardin Suspendu

Developer: Paris The Défense
Landscape gardener: Botanica / Atelier Fois

  • A garden shared 100 m²
  • An observatory of biodiversity of 40 m²
  • A space planted with a garden of 150 m²
    Address: 100-101 Terraces Boieldieu
    Open since October 2019

Located opposite the Franklin Tower, east of the Terrasses Boieldieu, the Jardin Suspendu, inaugurated on 16 October 2019, houses the second shared garden in the Boieldieu district, bringing the number of shared gardens in La Défense to 4.

The site combined many assets, such as the breathtaking view of Paris and the towers of La Défense, the calm of an area set back from the passageways, a terrace and a multifunctional garden with an ideal exposure to enjoy the sun and develop various plantations (perennials, shrubs, small trees). Following a co-construction process in which a hundred of you imagined with us this new garden as a place for exchange and sharing, here are the components that have been selected:

  • **A biodiversity observatory

The old preserved fence and its surroundings are being reinvented and are becoming a traffic area (wooden walkway accessible to people with reduced mobility) and a fun observatory of biodiversity, with a support of climbing plantations.

  • **A vegetable garden

A meeting and sharing space, the vegetable garden is accessible to members between the two fences. Evolutionary, the cultivation plot will be able to extend to the entire area over the seasons.

Join the shared garden:
Send an email to the following address: jardins-partages@parisladefense.com

  • **A landscaped setting

La ressourcerie is an ecological reserve whose access is reserved for gardening activities organized by Paris La Défense.