How to come or move to La Défense?

How to come or move to La Défense?

All roads lead to La Défense !

Whether you are a driver, a two-wheeler, a pedestrian, or a person with reduced mobility, there are a multitude of ways to get to Paris La Défense and get around. All means of transport are complementary and the area is very well served: the district is only a few kilometres from the centre of Paris and only a few minutes from the three Paris airports. Above all, it benefits from one of the best transport infrastructures in the world and the arrival of Greater Paris in the coming years should further strengthen this public transport network to the various neighbouring cities and departments.

Coming by car and parking at La Défense is easy!

For those who travel by car, Paris La Défense is served by a road infrastructure that will allow you to easily reach the circular boulevard leading to the business district from the A14 urban motorway, the N13 national road or the various departmental roads that surround the district. Once there, motorists can easily park for a few hours or choose a season ticket to benefit from one of the 23,000 parking spaces available under the flagstone, either in the Westfield Les 4 Temps car park or in one of the many other car parks in Paris La Défense. And for users of electric cars, some of the car parks in Paris La Défense offer additional services such as electric recharging.

The Paris La Défense car parks also offer spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. These are generally located close to the lifts or the most convenient exits to get to the surface, in order to facilitate accessibility.

Let us guide you on all your journeys in La Défense!

Wondering how to use public transport to get to Paris La Défense? With no less than 5 railway lines and 22 bus lines, it is one of the largest public transport networks in the world. So you can easily take the RER lines that lead to La Défense, find the nearest metro lines or the buses that stop closest to the Parvis or the CNIT.

Metro 1, RER A, Tram T2, train, bus and autonomous buses transport hundreds of thousands of people daily to the business district of Paris La Défense. Different routes are possible to come to La Défense station by metro or RER. You will also find company shuttles to the nearby tertiary buildings.

Wheelchair users have lowered ticket machines and various lifts provide access to the station, the T2 tramway or the Jules Verne terminal as well as the metro.

Cycling in La Défense for active mobility!

In the La Défense district, cycling is an environmentally friendly means of transport that allows everyone to get around thanks to the existing cycle paths on the slab but also under the slab.

Encouraging the use of soft transport and active mobility, bicycle traffic has developed and the business district now offers secure car parks with 700 arches and 1,400 spaces for lovers of the little queen. Cyclists have access to a network of specific outdoor tracks, in a way that respects the cohabitation with pedestrians, but also on several lanes located under the flagstone to allow residents and employees to access some twenty towers, a revolution! An unprecedented development: 60,000 people can now access the business district by bicycle.

It's possible to get around La Défense on a scooter!

Electric scooters and other gyropods are now an integral part of the means of transport and it must be said that the configuration of the site lends itself particularly well to this. However, we must not forget the basic rules of good behaviour and travel at a reduced speed to respect the pedestrians who wander around every day in Europe's largest pedestrian area.

New: The Cyclofix workshop and its specialised repairers, located behind the Grande Arche de La Défense, offers to maintain and repair your two-wheeled vehicles on site, a plus!

Move around or stroll in the parks on foot.

The Paris La Défense district is designed as a green area where everything is optimised for walking. This huge 31-hectare car-free public space is modern and pleasant, a real heart of life with green urban spaces. The business district unfolds at the foot of its impressive towers, with numerous itinerary possibilities depending on whether you want to enjoy the views from the Grande Arche, stroll along the esplanade, see current exhibitions, take a break in the parks and gardens, go shopping or eat out. Special facilities for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) have been created to simplify their movements. For wheelchair users, the recommended routes are marked by blue signs with the associated pictogram.

Paris La Défense 2022 pedestrian zone © Sabrina Budon

Getting around on foot

Go to the presentation of the pedestrian zones of Paris La Défense to get to know the area better, and help you discover it.

Coming by public transport © Benedite Topuz

Coming by public transport

Paris La Défense has an unrivalled public transport infrastructure. Metro, RER, Tram, buses and autonomous buses transport hundreds of thousands of people daily, including 180,000 employees in the business district and thousands of visitors and tourists every day. A device aimed at making transport more fluid, an eco-mobility challenge, is offered through mobile applications such as Moov&win.

Coming by car © Sabrina Budon

Coming by car

Do you wish to travel to Paris La Défense by car? The road infrastructure that surrounds the entire district serves numerous car parks, spread throughout the La Défense area, with eco-responsible services such as electric vehicle recharging. You can therefore park your car or motorbike easily and safely.

Coming by bike © Benedite Topuz


For several months now, "the little queen" has been able to regain her letters of nobility on the roads of France and the current trend is there to confirm it. But pedestrians and bicycles have been living together in good harmony for several years now on the territory of La Défense. And for parking, there is an offer of 700 bicycle racks, i.e. 1,400 spaces and 470 secure spaces. And, in case of a small glitch on your two-wheeler, you can go to the Cyclofix bicycle workshop located behind the Grande Arche.

Coming by scooter © Benedite Topuz

Scooter riding

A social phenomenon that has become an essential means of transport in the same way as bicycles, the electric scooter is a means of mobility that facilitates travel within the La Défense district and allows you to get around in almost any place. Accessible on a self-service basis, Lime electric scooters will allow you to get around quickly and simply without having to worry about managing your parking space with the "hotspots" located at key points in the district to deposit your scooter.

Access for People with Reduced Mobility

Acces for People with Reduced Mobility

When you are a Person with Reduced Mobility, whatever your type of disability, it is advisable to prepare your stay in Paris La Défense in order to identify places and activities accessible by wheelchair. Signposted itineraries will enable you to get around easily from transport accesses, car parks and the surrounding towns and cities... The reception staff are available to assist you and provide you with all the accessibility information you need.

Map of Paris La Défense