The big annual events proposed by Paris La Défense

The big annual events proposed by Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense is a unique site in France, a place that concentrates large areas of offices, shops, but also housing and welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every day.

An ultra-connected territory that is only 10 minutes from the center of Paris. But beyond this diversity, Paris La Défense is also a cultural, festive and lively space!

All year long, events take place there. With its open-air museum of contemporary art and architecture, its square and its Place de La Défense, its Agam fountain, its Takis Basin and its green spaces, Paris La Défense offers a daily opportunity to escape and forget, for a few minutes or a few hours, the agitation of the world around us.

We can't repeat it often enough: culture is omnipresent throughout the year and you can find, throughout the seasons: major exhibitions, festivals, events, and one of the largest Christmas market in Île-de-France.

Whether you are a simple visitor coming to shop, a resident or an employee of one of the towers that have made its reputation, you can discover the major annual events proposed by the public establishment Paris La Défense and the Department of Hauts-de-Seine, of which the 4 main ones are : Very Food Trip, La Défense Jazz Festival, Garden Parvis and the Christmas Market.

We offer you a small overview of all the events that you can find in your neighborhood according to your desires.

When the mildness of late spring has a scent of freshness and culture, you can take advantage of it to escape by discovering open-air contemporary arts of work.

And why not go to the "La Défense Jazz Festival", an unmissable event since 1977! A musical event that takes place in the open air, on the Place de La Défense. It is an opportunity to meet jazz artists and to celebrate music.

With the heat of summer, the summer festival "Garden Parvis" offers several weeks of outdoor celebration, with concerts, activities for young and old, a food court and bars. A great way to spend an unforgettable summer!

Finally, one of the largest Christmas market in Île-de-France takes place in the La Défense district with its many chalets and exhibitors. It's a great opportunity to find the Christmas atmosphere and to taste traditional products while shopping for your New Year's Eve purchases.

Let's face it, Paris La Défense is not only about its towers, which can be seen from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and its shopping centers! It is also and above all a real place of life, a city within the city which over the years has been able to put forward culture for the greatest number.

So, don't hesitate to take a few minutes of your time to discover all the activities offered throughout the seasons: there is something for everyone!

Very Food Trip, a culinary journey - 2023 © Bénédite Topuz

Very Food Trip

Embark on a culinary journey during Taste Week! With over 150 restaurants, Paris La Défense is an ideal playground for gourmets. To complement this vast offer, 20 carefully selected food trucks will be setting up on the Place de La Défense for three days. A mouth-watering experience!

From June 3 to 9, 2024!

La Défense Jazz Festival, unmissable event for jazz artists - 2022 © Julia Brechler

La Défense Jazz Festival

The 47th edition of "La Défense Jazz Festival" offers a week of free outdoor concerts on the square in front of La Défense. The musical event has been in existence since 1977 and has become, over the years, an unmissable event for emerging artists and jazz fans. To listen without moderation!

From June 24 to 30, 2024!

Garden Parvis, the summer event at La Défense - 2023 © Jerôme Ingrand

Garden Parvis

A vacation wind will blow before time on the parvis of La Défense, with the summer festival "Garden Parvis" which will offer to visitors and residents, during several weeks of open-air festivities: activities, concerts and DJ, a food court and bars. A new way to discover the Parvis!

From June 26 to July 26, 2024!

La Défense Christmas Market, one of the largest in Île-de-France region - 2023 © Augustin Detienne

The Christmas market

One of the largest Christmas market in the Île-de-France region will once again take place in La Défense, a not-to-be-missed event for visitors and exhibitors alike, with a Christmas atmosphere at the gates of Paris to prepare for the end-of-year festivities in peace.