Les Groues, the district of all the proximities

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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Coordinating urban planner: HDZ Urbanistes Architectes
Surface area: 65 hectares
Location: north of Paris La Défense Arena (Nanterre)
Successive deliveries: 2023 - 2032

From 2024, the Groues district in Nanterre, partly made up of former wasteland, will give way to a lively district, fully integrated into the city and connected to La Défense and the higher education structures in the area. Well served by the RER E and, later, by the future line 15 of the Grand Paris Express, this living space will be the expression of all the proximity in the west of the Paris region.

A complementary district to La Défense, with exceptional service

A new address is about to emerge in the immediate vicinity of the Grande Arche de La Défense. The urban redevelopment of Les Groues, an atypical 65-hectare sector that has long been landlocked, aims to create a balanced district combining housing, offices, activities, shops and public and private facilities. It will be served from 2024 by the RER E and, by 2030, by line 15 of the Grand Paris Express. This district will also resonate with and contribute to the attractiveness of the Paris La Défense business district and contribute to its attractiveness.

10,500 inhabitants will enjoy pleasant housing in a well-kept setting where nature will have its rightful place. The 12,000 future employees will have the opportunity to work in an innovative and abundant environment, with direct links to the Paris La Défense business district, where they will be able to develop their business activities. And it is this site that the VINCI Group has chosen for its headquarters, L'Archipel, with its 4,000 employees.

The urban project, on the scale of the ZAC

ZAC of Groues © Agence 92

17 hectares of public spaces will be developed, including 4 hectares of green spaces created in the public space. Their development will make it possible to multiply the number of trees by 7: 185 to nearly 1300.

Key figures

  • 288,000 sq.m. of housing
  • 210,500 sq.m. of office space (including SMEs, start-ups, coworking spaces, etc.), 74,000 sq.m. of which will be occupied by VINCI's future headquarters.
  • 79,000 sq.m. dedicated to activities, shops and public/private facilities:
    • Activities: 23,500 sq.m;
    • Shops: 12,500 sq.m;
    • Hotel and tourist accommodation: 13,000 sq.m
    • Public and community facilities: 30,000 sq.m.
    • 3 new school groups
    • 2 crèches and 1 day-care centre
    • A metropolitan transport hub: extension of the RER E to the west - Eole (2024) - line 15 of the Grand Paris Express (2030)

Perspective of the Balcony ZAC des Groues © Guller Guller

An accessible and pleasant neighbourhood, committed to sustainable development

  • 4 hectares of public green spaces + 3 hectares of private green spaces.
  • The development of public spaces will allow the number of trees to be multiplied by 7: from 185 to more than 1,200
  • 5.1 km of dedicated cycle tracks and lanes
  • 580 on-street bicycle parking spaces
  • 2 public car parks with 400 underground spaces and 160 on-street spaces

Travel time tomorrow

  • Les Groues station - Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport with the Grand Paris Express: 36 min (lines 15 & 17 - by 2030)
    Today: 58 min
  • Les Groues station - Orly Airport with the Grand Paris Express: 34 min (lines 15 & 14 - by 2030)
    Today: 1h06
  • Gare des Groues - Gare du Nord (Magenta) with the extension of the RER E to the West: 12 min (RER E line - 2024)
    Today: 25 min

Location map

Situation map of Les Groues © Agence 92