The public establishment Paris La Défense

View of the Paris La Défense business district from Saint-Cloud © 11h45

Paris La Défense is a local public institution that combines the competencies of development, management, animation and promotion of the territory. The Paris La Défense teams work on the development and modernisation of the district, through the implementation of ambitious real estate and urban projects. The establishment has also undertaken a major project to diversify the district by developing a first-rate commercial, residential and leisure offer. Its ambition? To transform the district into a real place to live!

In 2021, Paris La Défense adopted a Raison d'être setting the objective of becoming the first post-carbon district in the world and reducing territorial greenhouse gas emissions by two by 2030.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council:

  • Georges Siffredi, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Camille Bedin,
  • Eric Berdoati,
  • Xabi Elizagoyen,
  • Jean-Christophe Fromantin,
  • Vincent Franchi,
  • Marie-Pierre Limoge,
  • Guillaume Boudy,
  • Yves Revillon,
  • Denis Gabriel.

City of Courbevoie: Jacques Kossowski
City of Nanterre : Patrick Jarry
City of Paris : Emmanuel Grégoire
City of Puteaux: Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud
Regional Council of Île-de-France: Denis Gabriel
Greater Paris Metropolis: Éric Cesari
Two qualified personalities appointed by the State:

  • Ministry of Territorial Cohesion: Philippe Gervais-Lambony
  • Ministry of the Economy and Finance: Jean Bensaïd

Invited in his capacity as Prefect of the region: Marc Guillaume

Composition of the Management Committee

Chief Executive Officer: Pierre-Yves Guice
Deputy Managing Director Operations: Thierry Febvay
Deputy Director General Resources: Rémi Tardivo
Director of Cabinet: Emmanuelle Chassaing Director of Strategy and Responsible Development Department:: Céline Crestin
Director of Planning Department: Olivier Schoentjes Director of Engineering and Territorial Services Department: Christophe Dalstein
Director of Prevention and Safety Department: Marie-Laure Bettoli Director of Attractiveness Division: Franck Boucher
Director of Legal Affairs and Property Department: Catherine Ho Thanh Director of Employee Experience Department: Laëtitia Wehmeyer
Director of Digital Transformation Department : Lydia Bertelle
Director of Finance Department: Jérémy Leguy