Much more than a business district!

Welcome to companies in Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense, Europe’s leading business district and the fourth most attractive business district in the world, is not just the home of numerous companies. Over the past sixty years, it has become a vibrant and thriving residential neighborhood in its own right. Today, the district boasts 180,000 employees and more than 500 companies. 75% of these are corporate HQs and 41% are foreign companies. Its economic fabric continues to diversify, with the emergence of new business sectors and the establishment of higher education institutions.

Located just ten minutes from the heart of Paris and a few hours from Europe's major capitals, the area is served by one of the world's most extensive transportation networks, which will be further enhanced in the coming years with the arrival of the Eole and the Grand Paris Express rail lines.

Unique in France for its urban verticality, Paris La Défense is also a hotbed of architectural and artistic creation, with its emblematic towers and open-air museum. The district's appeal is underscored by a diverse and top-quality array of leisure activities, restaurants, accommodations, and spaces for social gatherings. The district’s vital pulse also keeps the beat with major events, such as the Garden Parvis festival, charity races and the traditional Christmas market.

The district is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users, always ahead of the curve. This is made possible by the efforts of Paris La Défense, a public organization which develops, operates and enlivens the area in line with its strategic vision. To this end, the organization is inviting the region's major players and businesses to participate in this project through numerous initiatives.

The 10 assets of Paris La Défense

Moving to Paris La Défense means choosing to join an ecosystem of companies of all sizes, from a wide range of diverse yet complementary business sectors, with customers, suppliers and future talent all within easy reach. But these are not the only factors that make the district exceptional:

  • Its international scope: 4th most attractive business district in the world, over 40% of companies are foreign.
  • A diverse economic fabric: start-ups, healthcare, banking, insurance, consulting, energy, tech, luxury, textile… Home to companies of all sizes.
  • A thriving ecosystem boasting community events, iconic spots to gather, a network of community organizations, a growing student body...
  • Its exceptional public transportation: RER regional rail lines, subways, trams, regional trains, bus lines.
  • A residential neighborhood in its own right, with a wide selection of restaurants, athletic and cultural events, permanent art collections, shopping centers, facilities for sports and leisure.
  • A destination for events: rich programming; a wide range of spaces for conventions, conferences, and seminars, and 3,000 hotel rooms.
  • An area in constant development. Underway: the Place de La Défense in renovation, the Park project to green public space, the Rose de Cherbourg transformed into a high line….
  • An environmentally conscious district: strong commitments to reducing its carbon footprint, actions to curb waste, eco-responsible events, the Cube energy efficiency championship, multiplying bike paths.
  • A neighborhood appreciated by its occupants: 88% of employees say that Paris La Défense is a great place to work (2023 Satisfaction Survey - Viavoice).
  • A business partner for you: Paris La Défense helps newcomers settle in and facilitates networking with numerous local players.