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What's news in October in Paris La Défense ?

What's news in October in Paris La Défense ?


### In Paris La Defense, there's always something new, so get out your calendars because the month of October promises many events not to be missed ! **From 9 to 13 October : [The Festival Atmosphères](** invites you to Paris La Defense and Courbevoie for a week of exchanges and activities around a major concern : a sustainable world. These five-day informative but also festive, you will adopt the right actions on a daily basis ! **12 October** : After a game under high tension in the face at Lou Rugby, the **Racing 92) is set to meet with the Agen** in Paris La Defense Arena ! Last season, Agen had managed to Racingmen, who had provided a real festival offensive with a score of 59-7. But take care, the SUA has not said its last word ! **The 18, 19 and 20 October** : You're a fan of Marvel ? It seems that Paris La Defense Arena has thought of you ! So you can soon attend to the new production **[" Marvel Universe LIVE! "](**a show of the highest caliber, combining action and thrills. As well, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther will join Spiderman and the Avengers to fight the forces of evil. Quite a program ! **On the 26th of October** : Hold the date since it is that of the coming of **[Big Flo and Oli](** in Paris The Defence Arena ! The two brothers, aged only 22 and 19 years are not to their first concert. After you have completed the Accorhotel Arena or the stadium of Toulouse (the first concert in the Stadium since Michael Jackson in 1992 !), Big Flo & Oli tackle the largest room in Europe. One more opportunity for them to live their "dream" ! **Until December 1** : There is still time to visit the exhibition to success **[" Legacy "](** Yann Arthus Bertrand on the roof of the Grande Arche ! The opportunity to do the state of our planet at 110 meters in height, using photographs (obviously) but also videos. Awareness for large and small who turns out to be more and more necessary. **Until April 30, 2020** : The Société Générale offers you to discover its collection of works with the exhibition **" [Little Stories]( "**. You can as well contemplate a hundred works and be aware of small spicy anecdotes about them.

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Operation 0 butt with the World CleanUp Day

Operation 0 butt with the World CleanUp Day


**134 000 ! This is the number of cigarette butts picked up in the first edition of World CleanUp Day in Paris Defense. A harvest unfortunately successful that it will be renewed on Friday, September 20 on the territory, on the eve of the world day of the cleansing of the planet. Come along !** Each year, in France, 30 billion cigarette butts end up in the nature. A garbage truck, every minute is dumped in the ocean. If nothing changes, this will be the equivalent of 2 trucks by 2030... In Order to raise awareness and mobilize land users to adopt the right gestures, Paris La Defense has decided to reiterate the experience of a day zero butt with the association World CleanUp Day. The "world cleaners" will be called upon to roll up their sleeves and put on gloves to pick up the cigarette butts and deposit them in the two collection zones. At the end of the operation, the start-up Cy-Clope will send all of the butts in "chain of recovery" to become, for example, insulation sheeting, pallets, industrial or even cement. For editing 2019, Paris La Defense has mobilized new partners. Alongside Dalkia, Allianz, Suez and the Ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity, whose employees had already taken part in the World CleanUp Day in 2018, companies such as Philipp Morris, CGI, Mercer, Cojob, and many others, add to the list of participants. So if you also feel concerned by the future of our planet, and you'd like to take part in this momentum, citizen, come join us on Friday, September 20, 2019, in one of the 2 collection areas (Bassin Takis, or High Arch) ! You can also participate with #FillTheBottle which consists of filling a bottle with the butts found on the floor, and posting the photo on social networks to challenge unscrupulous smokers. Let's act together!

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