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Sep 16, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021

New site facilities

Progress of the works

Construction work on The Link began in mid-May as announced in the fourth edition of Info Chantier.

This new stage began with the foundation works. This will continue until spring 2022.

The moulded retaining wall has been built around the perimeter of the tower's right of way.

The first earthworks have been completed.

The deep foundation bars on which The Link tower will be supported are currently being built. This work will be completed in February 2022.

The operation is now preparing for the construction of the superstructure linked to an increase in its workforce.

In order to carry out the work, new site facilities are required and will be installed in the vicinity of the site. These additional installations will start in October.

Logistics platform

A logistics platform for storing materials and unloading trucks to supply the cranes will be built on the ring road.

Road improvements will have to be carried out in the vicinity of the structure in order to adapt the management of the crossroads and to maintain safe traffic flow (road signs, kerbs and medians, traffic lights and lighting).

From October, the foundation work for the future platform will be carried out.

Part of the steel structure required for the assembly of the first crane will be installed from mid-November.

The rest of the platform (wooden frame and floor) will be assembled from January 2022.

*Location and plan of the construction site logistics platform

3D view of the construction site logistics platform.

For safety reasons, some of the work (in particular the lifting and assembly of the framework and floor elements) will require the circular boulevard, the RD21 and the lower link to be cut off.

The cuts - and consequently the work - will be carried out at night (from 21:30 to 05:30) from the end of September. These noisy works are unfortunately unavoidable but the site will do everything possible to limit them. The worksite undertakes to communicate as soon as possible a precise schedule of night-time interventions generating the closure of traffic routes. During these closures, diversions routes will be put in place.

Erection of the cranes

Four cranes will be needed to build The Link project. At the beginning of December, the first crane of the operation will be erected. It will be placed on the logistics platform. The other 3 cranes will be erected in spring 2022.

Specific installations

In order to allow the foundation work to be carried out, silos were installed last spring at the right-hand side of the old circular boulevard, which is unoccupied and closed to traffic.

The number of silos will be completed in the autumn at the same location for the foundation strip phase.

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