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The most important thing to remember about the principle of coworking is the flexibility of renting the workspace, which allows you to optimise your schedule and reduce the costs that may result. A new way of working that is attracting more and more independent workers, start-ups or salespeople looking for an "office" to prepare business meetings in complete tranquillity.

Advantages of coworking spaces

If we had to give one adjective to describe coworking, it would undoubtedly be: flexibility. This innovative system makes it possible to rent work spaces of different sizes, at different times of the day for one or more people, with or without furniture, with WiFi, printing points, meeting spaces with video projector or video conferencing system, in open space or closed spaces, a cosy individual cubicle... There is not one, but many ways of coworking, whether you are alone to book your space or a company wants to meet its employees in an operational meeting room.

Even if today connecting to the Internet has become child's play with a Smartphone and the shared 4G connection in large cities, working in a coworking space allows you to be in a work environment that encourages exchanges and allows you not to be alone behind your computer. This allows you to forge new professional links and also to add new contacts to your address book.

Coworking allows you to optimise your expenses while having the environment of a traditional office at your fingertips, with furniture, wifi and, in some cases, a catering area. The principle of renting a shared space over time allows you to avoid renting your own office for the year or buying it. For those who are used to travelling all over France to meet their clients, coworking allows you to optimise your productivity and efficiency, in the same way as you would in a traditional office within your company.

Finally, the flexibility of renting the workspace means that you don't have to anticipate months in advance the rental request, the budget or the hours. The latter offer a wide range of hours, some are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can rent your workspace from a few hours to a few months without any problem at affordable rates and depending on the services you are looking for and/or the number of people present in the workspace, meeting rooms, individual or open space cubicles.

Whether you are looking for a shared workspace, a workstation to manage your business remotely, a corner in an open space to regain some semblance of a social life, a closed office to organise your meetings, a meeting room to rent for your employees, in other words a workspace that is quickly accessible and inexpensive, there will always be a solution available in one of the various coworking spaces in the La Défense district. And in addition, you will benefit from a very high-speed Internet connection via fibre optics and WiFi.

Coworking is the telework of tomorrow!

Just a stone's throw from all of Paris La Défense

Are you looking for a coworking space just a stone's throw from your hotel, your home or a few minutes from Paris? There are several coworking spaces scattered around the La Défense district, such as "Anticafé", the largest coworking café in Europe, located in the CNIT shopping centre, or "Spaces", which is located near the Grande Arche and the Westfield Les Quatre Temps shopping centre. You will also find the "Deskeo" space in the Pacific tower, in the centre of the Valmy district, not forgetting the Wojo Paris La Défense space, one of the largest coworking spaces in the district with over 900 workstations and private offices.

Some are located in the towns of Puteaux, Courbevoie, La Garenne-Colombe or Nanterre, privileged rental spaces for those who live a few steps away and wish to make a break between professional and personal life. Most of them are directly accessible by foot, bicycle, scooter, public transport (bus, RER, metro) or by car for those who come from a little further away, with parking spaces available nearby.

Benefits of a shared workspace

If you don't know the advantages of a shared workspace, let's just say that coworking offers the advantages of teleworking without the disadvantages, it's the office of the future, all about flexibility and mobility!

Teleworking at home makes it difficult to break away from personal and professional life, especially with an Internet connection that is still not optimal; thanks to shared workspaces, you can manage your working day more efficiently, in a calm and serene environment, you can stay focused, motivated and creative without being disturbed by the little worries of family life.

Ideally designed to break the isolation, the coworking atmosphere offers opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and to forge professional links that are good for morale and performance. Being in a pleasant environment that is conducive to work, allowing for sociability and self-fulfilment, are assets for the company and for oneself.

Coworking allows for flexibility in one's professional schedule in a chosen setting, without constraint: shared workspace, individual cubicle for more confidentiality, meeting rooms, with all the necessary technology and connectivity.

In the heart of the Paris la Défense business district, all these services have been designed and optimised to make you feel like you're in the office: dedicated equipment for meetings and conferences, printers, scanners, screens and video projectors, everything is in place for you to be productive and efficient.

For breaks, rest rooms and lunch rooms are available, some offering catering with hotel service, depending on the space and options chosen, for lunch or coffee on the spot.

What to do around coworking spaces?

Working at Paris La Défense allows you to punctuate your working day with welcome breaks, combining business with pleasure. You can just as well stroll through one of the countless parks and gardens in the neighborhood, eat on the go in one of the food trucks or sit down to discover the new flavors of an exotic cuisine from the end of the world in one of the many restaurants, have a drink with other coworkers, go shopping or discover the latest exhibitions of the moment. When summer comes, you can also take advantage of the events of the season to feel like you're already on vacation a bit before time.

Restaurants and Bars to visit

Want to eat or go out for a drink after a day of coworking, want to take a break? Discover the restaurants and bars of the La Défense district. On the go or in a cozy atmosphere, find our selection of restaurants and bars in the Paris La Défense district for all occasions: French restaurants, foreign specialties, food and coffee trucks... staying close to your coworking space.

Relax with green spaces

Want to change your mind, walk a few steps to enjoy the quietness of the day and look up from your screen? In the heart of the business district, many green spaces have been developed, transforming the district into a place of life at the foot of the towers, a nature that is both varied and aesthetic, embellished with trees, lawns, flowers, aromatic plants and vegetable gardens sometimes...

Upcoming events

From summer, Garden Parvis is the unmissable event of the season; free and open to all, with during the 6 summer weeks, food trucks, bars, activities and concerts that enliven the life of the esplanade, all arranged in a large green space. In our agenda, find upcoming events and upcoming events!

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