A premium real estate offer

The projects of Paris La Défense offer a fast-growing, sustainable and high-quality real estate offer. Many of them are currently being pre-marketed. They actively participate in the transformation of the business district:

  • Connecting: opening up Paris La Défense to the surrounding districts
  • Recomposing the Groues: densifying and requalifying for a new dynamism
  • Greening: a sustainable commitment to nature in the city
  • Conquering: investing in all levels, from the sky to the ground
  • Reinvesting: transforming by making the most of what already exists
  • Living large: revolutionising the business district into a real living district


Erasing barriers and creating links

One of the objectives of Paris La Défense is to erase the urban divisions inherited from the past, often generated by transport infrastructures. Several operations have thus made it possible to reconnect different districts of the site or different municipalities. In 2017, the Jardins de l'Arche promenade created a link between the Parvis de La Défense and the Terrasses de Nanterre. The Trinity operation provides for the creation of a footbridge between the Coupole-Regnault sector and the other neighbouring districts of Courbevoie. In the Boieldieu district, the pedestrian link between the footbridge of the redeveloped terraces and the Place de La Défense pursues the same objective, all in a planted environment.

Welcome to the ''Grands boulevards''...of Paris La Défense.

Put into service in 1971, the La Défense circular boulevard (30,000 vehicles per day) encircles the business district, cutting it off from its urban fabric. The establishment and the Hauts-de-Seine Department intend to transform these 4 km of bitumen into an innovative and exemplary urban boulevard. A more welcoming and green space, reconnecting Paris La Défense to Courbevoie and Puteaux.

Map of the transport network from La Défense to the international

Map of the transport network from La Défense to the international

Public transport: the range of services is expanding.
Located in direct proximity to the centre of Paris and less than 3 hours from the main European business districts, Paris La Défense benefits from one of the best public transport networks in the world : 5 high-capacity rail lines and 22 bus lines. The public transport offer will be further expanded in the coming years. From 2022, Paris La Défense will be served by the RER E via the extension of the Eole line. Under the Cnit, the construction of its future underground station is progressing rapidly. A new metro line will appear by 2030 with the arrival of line 15 of the Grand Paris Express, offering connections with line 14 and the future lines 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express.

Paris center - 10 min
Paris-Orly Airport : 55 min
Paris Charles-De-Gaulle Airport : 58 min (36 min with lines 15 et 17 in 2030)

Bruxelles - 1h45
Amsterdam - 3h
Londres - 3h

A district accessible by bike

To get to work, bicycles are on the rise. The potential is significant: nearly 30% of employees live less than 30 minutes away from the district by bicycle. Paris La Défense is supporting the movement by marking out cycle routes, secure parking, maintenance and upkeep services, but also by strengthening information and signage. The public institution is also working on the creation of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Neuilly-sur-Seine and the business district.

Recomposing Les Groues

Recompose an atypical, landlocked sector through ambitious urban planning

Les Groues, a new address in Paris La Défense

From 2022, the Groues district in Nanterre will begin to give way to a lively district fully integrated into the city and connected to the business district. For a long time dedicated to industrial and railway activities, this 65-hectare area has undergone a radical transformation to become an attractive and accessible place thanks to the arrival of the RER E in 2024 and the Grand Paris Express by 2030.
Undertaken by the City of Nanterre and Paris La Défense, this metamorphosis involves the creation of 288,000 sq.m. of housing, 210,500 sq.m. of offices, and 79,000 sq.m. of shops, business premises and facilities.
The renewal of Les Groues is also based on an ambitious environmental strategy. The programme combines energy efficiency, comfort for residents and quality of life. The area has thus taken a decisive step towards obtaining the government's EcoQuartier label.
The Les Groues district is also a territory of experimentation and consultation. Since 2016, a community has been formed around its future, with co-construction workshops bringing together the developer, local authorities, residents and future users.
At the same time, initiatives such as "Vive les Groues" allow all members of the public to explore the urban transformation through a participatory approach.


Advancing the green revolution!

In 2019, more than 8,000 sq.m. of green spaces were added to the landscape of Paris La Défense, bringing the vegetated areas to 37 ha. Today, 35% of the pedestrian space in the district is green. Enough to deconstruct the clichés about the omnipresence of concrete! In the coming years, Paris La Défense will intensify this approach with the planting of trees, the creation of new urban parks, shared gardens and the greening of roofs and terraces in new real estate programmes. In the business district, nature is gaining ground every day.


Creating new places to live, from the top to the bottom

Get a grip on the heights

Have a drink while enjoying an exceptional view: a unique experience on the rooftops of Paris La Défense. Some already exist, others will soon arrive with the new towers under construction.

Imagining life under the slab

Enhancing the value of nearly 20,000 sq.m. of surface area under the slab located under the esplanade: this is the objective that Paris La Défense has set itself through the call for projects launched at the beginning of 2019 to architecture and urban planning agencies. Five international teams have been selected to participate in the competitive dialogue. The challenge: to transform this vast unused space, formerly used for technical and logistical functions, into a genuine place to live. Among the spaces to be reclaimed: the emblematic "Cathedral", with a surface area of 6,000 sq.m. and a ceiling height of up to 15 metres! One thing is certain: with this project, Paris La Défense wishes to offer a new urban experience in the Île-de-France region.

Redeveloping car parks

Paris La Défense has launched a call for projects to upgrade the Seine car park by encouraging environmental approaches, the circular economy and social integration. Among the projects already under study: an urban farm, a space for processing organic waste and logistics spaces.


Metamorphose the existing heritage to reinvent the city, either through projects to develop existing public spaces (Place de La Défense, Place de l'Iris, Le Parc, the Boieldieu terraces), or through property restructuring (Aurore, aKora, Latitude, Landscape, Carré Michelet, Altiplano).

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