Terrasses Boieldieu

Terrasses Boieldieu

Paris La Défense inaugurated the Terrasses Boieldieu in October 2018, a historic district of La Défense located in Puteaux. This project has given a new lease of life to the current aging and outdated infrastructure and a better quality of life for the employees and residents who use it on a daily basis. The objective was to review the urban organisation of public spaces in this district and to resolve the structural technical problems.

A historic district brought up to date

The Boieldieu district, built at the end of the 1960s, had never been renovated. Its public spaces have been neglected since their creation. In addition, the slab design with several levels of circulation reinforced the isolation of this district, located behind the Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping centre.

Yet Boieldieu is a perfect example of mixed use, combining offices, shops and homes. With this project, Paris La Défense is improving the daily lives of employees and residents alike, making it more accessible, welcoming and lively.

A more accessible neighborhood

The access to the district have therefore been reworked, a lift installed to connect the spaces located on and under the slab, and the access to cyclists or people with reduced mobility facilities. In addition, a gateway created between the parvis de La Défense and the centre of the city of Puteaux, offers a journey in a gentle slope. It allows the organization of occasional activities and events or hosting sports activities contributing to the social life of the district, as well as a shared garden and tackle sports. Finally, a public lighting on poles, shaving LED or integrated with the urban furniture, gives the Terrasses Boieldieu one side more warm and friendly, conducive to a real neighbourhood life.

A rethought vegetalization

Paris La Défense is responding to a growing demand for "reconnecting with nature" by proposing new vegetation, better access to nature and new uses for the Terrasses Boieldieu. Similarly, with a view to sustainable development, the soil will absorb rainwater more efficiently to feed the green spaces, thus reducing the use of watering systems.

Two shared gardens have been created by Paris La Défense on the Terrasses Boieldieu, in partnership with the City of Puteaux, and in consultation with local residents and employees. The Jardin des Continents (located above the bar le Philosophe) and the Jardin Suspendu (opposite the entrance to the Franklin Tower on the Terrasses).

The Jardin des Continents is accessible and open to all to enjoy these areas of relaxation. To take part in the garden workshops (free of charge), you can contact: jardins-partages@parisladefense.com

The Jardin Suspendu also offers the possibility to participate in garden workshops under the same conditions.