Why and how to organise your event at La Défense?

Aerial view of  Paris La Défense 2019 © Paris La Défense - Philippe Guignard

Paris La Défense, a unique outdoor area in France for your events

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  • Urban Week 2019 © Gilles Petitpas
  • Urban Week 2018 © Carlos Ayesta
  • Garden Parvis 2019 © Carlos Ayesta
  • Europe's leading business district located less than 10 minutes from Paris.
  • An area of recognised international appeal where every year 180,000 employees, 42,000 inhabitants, 45,000 students and 8.4 million tourists come together.
  • A real neighbourhood in a setting never seen before in France where more than 350 events are organised every year.
  • A pedestrian area that is very busy all year round with more than 17,000 sq.m. of exceptional modular spaces that are available every day with no time limit imposed.
  • A participatory target that is faithful to the events held in the area and always looking forward to new event experiences.
  • A real shopping destination: the district is home to one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, Westfield Les 4 Temps and the Cnit.
  • But it is also a place to meet and exchange ideas, a link between several worlds that are as different as they are complementary.

Exceptional spaces for your events

An XXL decor with 17,000 sq.m. of adaptable spaces available every day of the year, day and night, to accommodate your projects.

It's up to you to choose your own unique location to dress up your events and film shoots.

Tailor-made support for the organisation of your event

Advertiser or event organiser, guaranteeing the success of your events is our mission. Facilitating the reception and organisation of your events by making public space available to you is our job.

We provide personalised support adapted to your expectations from the study of your project to its completion, including the preparation of your technical files, the validation of safety and security instructions, and referral to the relevant authorities if necessary.

Our events team studies the feasibility of your project and informs you of the conditions and deadlines for completion as well as the administrative constraints and obligations to be met with the relevant authorities in order to subsequently issue you with your AOT (Authorisation for Temporary Occupation of the Public Domain).

Whatever your desired event project in the business district, we guarantee the study of your request and put our professional skills at your disposal to accompany the construction of your project in the Paris La Défense area.

Our event team

Dedicated project managers to advise you.

Juliette Ignace Event Project Manager  Sarah Pelegrin Event Project Manager 

Juliette Ignace
Event Project Manager

Sarah Pelegrin
Event Project Manager

A technical team to support you in the coordination of your projects

Léonie Desgris Production Manager Xavier Duvernay Technical Coordinator
Léonie Desgris
Production Manager
Xavier Duvernay
Technical Coordinator

Rules for occupying the public domain for an economic activity

Occupation of the public domain of Paris La Défense for the purpose of carrying out an economic activity is regulated by the general code of public property.

The economic activities concerned are in particular:

  • advertising, artistic, cultural and sporting events
  • commercial operations,
  • promotional operations with or without sale,
  • shooting (video, photo, drone) for advertising or filming.

For economic activities whose occupation of the public domain is subject to a prior selection procedure, find all calls for projects, advertising notices following spontaneous expressions of interest launched by the establishment, as well as award notices.

For economic activities occupying the public domain for a surface area less than or equal to 600 m² and for a period not exceeding one month, find the General Conditions governing the terms and conditions for granting an authorization to occupy the public domain of Paris La Défense, the associated fee schedule and the application form.

Book our spaces for your event

Nothing could be simpler: just follow the instructions!

1 - Getting in touch
Write to us at event@parisladefense.com and send us a detailed presentation of your project* (description, dates, duration, planned surface area, etc.). Our events team will get back to you!

2 - Support
From the study of your project to its completion, our team puts its skills at your disposal: project feasibility, preparation of your technical files (on-site location, analysis of technical constraints), validation of safety and security notices, referral to the relevant authorities, etc.

3 - Reservation of the space
Following the study of your project and its validation, an estimate will be sent to you in order to guarantee the reservation of the desired spaces on the dates requested.

4 - Finalization of your file
After receiving the positive opinions of the competent authorities and signing the estimate, an AOT (Autorisation d'Occupation Temporaire du Domaine Public) is issued to you.

Please note*: the feasibility of certain projects is subject to impossible deadlines (drone shootings, events involving an ERP system, etc.).

See event operations

360 events, product launches, roadshows, experiential trucks, event containers, promotional airstream caravans, experiential inflatable bubbles,... All forms of event entertainment take place in the middle of this emblematic setting.

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  • Opération Caen-la-mer Calvados 2020 ® Sabrina Budon
  • Opération Lancome 2020 (c) WinWin
  • Opération Adidas 2020

See the street marketing operations

Distribution, sampling, satisfaction surveys, tasting, product testing, advertising vehicles, all forms of street-marketing animation are possible with a receptive target.

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  • Opération Caen Calvados 2020 © Sabrina Budon
  • Opération Caen Calvados 2020 © Sabrina Budon
  • Opération Paco Rabanne 2020 © Augustin Detienne

See shoots and photo shoots

This mythical forecourt of La Défense and its surroundings are full of incredible places to surprise and transport spectators!

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  • Tournage Canal Plus 2020 © Benedite Topuz
  • Tournage Canal Plus 2020 © Benedite Topuz
  • Tournage concert Suzane 2020