Empreintes: a call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects


Paris La Défense opens a new chapter of its history with Empreintes, La Défense’s first call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects. Our objective is to become the world’s first large-scale post-carbon neighborhood. The Empreintes Call for Innovative Urban Projects (APUI) concerns the transformation of five lots located at the boundary between the business district and the cities of Puteaux and Courbevoie. Overarching themes include technical innovation, longevity, environmental excellence and contribution to local life.

A new Raison d’être

The changes required to adapt to climate change have been made all the more urgent by global economic changes and the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home is only one of the first manifestations of the profound and rapid transformation of our urban lifestyles.

In 2021, Paris la Défense adopted a Raison d’être, in which it states its ambition to become the world’s first large-scale post-carbon neighborhood. The planned halving of the neighborhood’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 is ahead of the national target, set at 40%. This goal places us at the forefront of contemporary challenges, in line with the aspirations of the younger generation, to whom climate change is central.

More information regarding Paris La Défense Raison d’être

Paris La Défense, a committed stakeholder

Paris La Défense’s status as a Local Public Body allows it to initiate and lead major urban planning and diversification projects. Its teams have the skillset and the governance structure needed to provide one of the most attractive business districts in the world with a new impetus.

Paris La Défense was created on January 1st, 2018. Its scope includes the planning, organization, and promotion of this unique entity’s 566-hectare (1,400 acre) district.


The Empreintes name was chosen for a purpose: the call for projects seeks to draw on La Défense’s historic DNA, that of urban innovation. This unique district is meeting the challenges of its time to prolong its exceptional history and to keep standing out. Its ability to renew itself shapes an enduring and profound brand known around the world’s cities. 

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