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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Town planner / architect: AM Environnement

Location: Puteaux, Rose de Cherbourg
Delivery: 2022

The Rose de Cherbourg project aims to rebuild links between the business district and the town of Puteaux by giving more space to soft mobility, in particular through the transformation of the Rose de Cherbourg interchange into a suspended walkway inspired in particular by the New York High Line.

The stakes raised by Paris La Défense in the Rose de Cherbourg to Puteaux sector

  • Create a new destination!
  • Calm traffic and make pedestrian crossings safe,
  • Redesigning a new entrance to the business district,
  • Enhance the residual green spaces and revegetate the site,
  • Transforming the interchange to give it a new use,
  • Creating a new mixed-use neighbourhood with services for users

The main principles of the public spaces project

  • A transformation of the ring road interchange into a suspended walkway inspired by New York's High Line.
  • A transformation of part of the circular boulevard into an urban boulevard (up to the Valettes crossroads),
  • The realization of a park,
  • A new pedestrian link accessible to all to connect the neighborhood with the Terrasses Boieldieu,
  • A large pedestrian square

6 major operations for a more sustainable neighbourhood

  • Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle, where a large central square will be located, the new heart of the district,
  • The road ring of the Rose de Cherbourg, which will become a 500-metre green walk, open to strolling and sporting activities,
  • The circular boulevard, converted into an urban boulevard, which will accommodate a wide sidewalk and a bicycle path,
  • The Rueil slip road that will give way to a new entrance to town,
  • The green spaces that will be valorized
  • Play areas: a playground, a skate park or a climbing area for children will be added to the relocation of the basketball court.

The project of public spaces up to the preliminary project was designed by the agency Arriola & Fiol Architects. Today, the project management that accompanies Paris La Défense is AM Environnement (representative/architect urban planner).

The real estate projects that are part of the redevelopment of the Rose de Cherbourg sector are as follows

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  • Rose de Cherbourg - Hekla tower
  • Rose de Cherbourg - Landscape
  • Rose de Cherbourg - aerial image