Rose de Cherbourg

Rose de Cherbourg
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In short

Developer: Paris La Défense
Architect and urban planner: Arriola et Fiol
Project management: AM Environnement, Lombardi, Ingerop
Surface area: 50,000 sq.m
Delivery: 2023
Location: arche Sud (Puteaux)

A large-scale urban project in Paris La Défense

The Rose de Cherbourg project aims to rebuild links between the business district and the city of Puteaux by giving more space to soft mobility, particularly through the transformation of the Rose de Cherbourg interchange into a suspended promenade inspired by the New York High Line. A new and more qualitative entrance to the city. A large square named Louise Bourgeois accommodate new buildings. Existing green spaces have been reinforced. New services are offered : games, sports facilities.

Both an environmental and technical choice, the conservation of existing infrastructures was the common thread of this major urban project.

The issues that shaped the project

Create a new destination !

  • Calming traffic and making pedestrian crossings safe,
  • Recompose a new entrance to the business district, Recompose a new entrance to the business district, * Enhance the residual green spaces and revegetate the site,
  • Transform the interchange to give it a new use,
  • Create a new mixed neighbourhood offering services to users.

The main elements of the public space project

  • A transformation of the ring road interchange into a suspended promenade inspired by the New York High Line. This new 500-metre vegetated space is open to both walking and sporting activities,
  • A transformation of a part of the circular boulevard into an urban boulevard (up to the Valettes crossroads), which will include a wide pavement and a bicycle path
  • The park
  • Play areas : a playground, a skate park and a climbing area for children
  • A large pedestrian square

Ambitious real estate projects

The future of the business district is built on both the improvement of the living environment and a balanced real estate program. At the heart of the Rose de Cherbourg project, several flagship real estate projects have been developed:

  • The restructuring of the Pascal Towers is now complete and has given rise to the Landscape project, which has all the characteristics of a sustainable and service-oriented building;
  • The Hekla tower, delivered in 2022, is designed by the architect Jean Nouvel;
  • Campuséa, the student residence to be delivered in 2019 and the Hekla Tower's little sister, offers a colourful design and panoramic views;
  • Shops will complete the transformation of the district.

A neighbourhood designed with and for its residents

The consultation process, which has mobilised residents since 2012, has enabled them to participate in the definition of their new neighbourhood and to confirm their expectations on essential subjects:

  • The improvement of pedestrian circulation within the neighbourhood
  • The creation of welcoming public spaces
  • Safety and security.

These priorities were further developed in thematic workshops and a cycle of exchanges devoted to the development of public spaces which continued in 2020.

Key figures

  • 1 park
  • 1 promenade of 500 metres
  • 1 central square
  • Children's games
  • 1 skate park
  • 3 real estate programs
  • 2 shops
  • 1 two-wheel car park

Key dates of the project

  • 2019 : Delivery of the Campuséa student residence
  • 2020 :
    • Start of work on the public spaces
    • Development of the central square and the Valettes crossroads
    • Completion of the suspended promenade and the area around the Hekla Tower
  • 2021 :
    • Redevelopment of the area around the Tour Défense 2000 and delivery of Landscape
  • 2022 : Handover of the park, part of the public spaces and the Hekla Tower
  • 2023 : Delivery of all public spaces

Rose de Cherbourg

  • Rose de Cherbourg
  • Rose de Cherbourg
  • Rose de Cherbourg

Did you know that ?

Why this poetic name for the Rose de Cherbourg urban project? Apart from the fact that the future intersection of buildings, roads and soft links will form a rose once the project is completed, the name was originally given to a road bridge in the form of a loop that spans Route Nationale 13 in the La Défense district. It is also the start of the axis that runs from Paris to Normandy.