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In Paris La Défense, whether you are an employee of the business district, a tourist or simply a visitor, you will find throughout the day, numerous bars and restaurants to have a drink or a meal, for a break on the go, a business meeting or an afterwork. The Paris La Défense district is not only offices and shops, it is also a space of culture, leisure and meetings where you can meet with friends for a drink, for a romantic dinner, as an aside for a business meal or to celebrate a special occasion. Epicureans at heart, lovers of traditional cuisine or looking for a different kind of cuisine from the other side of the world, you will find a wide variety of bars and restaurants in Paris La Défense to eat or have a drink without having to leave the district.

Where and what to eat?

At lunchtime or dinnertime, the diversity of the food outlets and the different cuisines on offer will make you ask just one question: Where and what to eat?

On the spot or to take away, on the go or in a cosy atmosphere, you will undoubtedly find the restaurant that will meet all your gastronomic or bistronomic expectations, including those in a hurry with the restaurants and hot spots offering take-away meals. There really is something for every taste and every desire in the La Défense district: carnivorous, vegetarian or flexitarian, pizza-addict or specialities from the ends of the earth.

You can even change places each day to get a change of scenery, have lunch at the La City restaurant on the roof of the Grande Arche du Parvis, and then have a snack on the go at the end of the day, accompanied by tapas and grilled meats at the Octopus on the Esplanade de la Défense. Finally, at nightfall, why not meet up at Matsuri in the CNIT, a Japanese restaurant offering sushi, salads, tartars and hot dishes?

The district's culinary specialities

With more than 150 restaurants spread over the whole of La Défense, you can visit every continent in terms of taste.
A wide variety of culinary choices will satisfy your desires and visit different countries while staying in the area.

Europe first, with its gastronomic and bistronomic French cuisine, Italian or Portuguese cuisine and Turkish specialities. Then, cross the Mediterranean to Africa to discover Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine and its dishes flavoured with a thousand spices that will make your taste buds travel.

Asian food lovers will find something to their liking with restaurants offering traditional Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, Chinese or Japanese specialities. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer nem or sashimi. You can continue your journey by discovering Oceania and the Mersea restaurant, which offers street food from the sea. Also worth discovering: Fish & Chips or M in Black.

For those who are addicted to eating on the go, the restaurant between two business meetings will take you to the far west, to discover America and its famous fast-food restaurants. A stop at Five Guys on the Parvis de La Défense for burgers and hot dogs prepared to order, not forgetting its hand-cut fries.

For fans of French-style fast food, Big Fernand in the Jardin de l'Arche district, has taken the gamble of combining the qualitý of French bistronomy with the speed of fast food. Opt for a "Hamburgé", this Frenchie hamburger that will seduce even the most refractory of American cuisine.

Fast food, romantic dinner or simple business lunch?

It's fair to say that in the Paris la Défense district, there's something for everyone!
At any time of the day and whatever your desires, whether you have time to sit down or want to take your meal away, you will discover a multitude of gourmet ideas on the menus of more than 150 restaurants in the district. On the terrace, on the rooftop, in a modern and contemporary setting or in a romantic setting, you will find THE restaurant for your business lunch, your romantic tête-à-tête or simply THE foodtruck, fast food or kebab for those in a hurry.
Restaurants, bistros, brasseries, fast foods, foodtrucks, the restaurant offer in Paris la Défense is diverse and very varied. Whether you want a gourmet meal, a seafood platter, a tapas aperitif or simply a sandwich, a kebab or a burger, everything is possible.
You can opt for a Trattoria to share a pizza, pasta, carpaccio or risotto; vegan or vegetarian food lovers will enjoy a salad, a poké bowl, a soup or a plate of seasonal vegetables; brazier enthusiasts will not be outdone with a choice of grilled meats or fish that will make your mouth water.

If you feel like having a snack at the end of the morning or relaxing at the end of the day, the bars and restaurants in the area welcome you all day long and will allow you to have lunch between two meetings, to rest for a few minutes over a drink after a busy day of shopping or to meet up for an afterwork session with friends or colleagues after a day's work before going to dinner. If you like French gastronomy, the great chefs have also taken over the district and offer classic restaurants, revisited or not, in a luxurious or bistronomic setting.
It's up to you to choose the world or the view that will be the setting for your snack or your meal and which cuisine you want to discover. If you feel like discovering unusual places, go to the end of the esplanade of La Défense at La bulle Octopus. You'll find a friendly table d'hôte offering an incredible view of the historic axis of Paris with the Arc de Triomphe.

The Bars

A refreshment or an aperitif? The Paris La Défense district offers a variety of atmospheres to relax over a drink. With a choice of friendly and welcoming bars and brasseries, aperitif time is respected!
A cocktail, a glass of wine, a soft drink, you will be spoilt for choice, depending on whether you are meeting friends or work colleagues. Choose your atmosphere for a relaxing afterwork or post-shopping moment, have a drink after a concert at the Arena or a cinema session.
At the counter or on the terrace, in a busy or rather intimate place, the bars of La Défense all have different themes whether you like the atmosphere of the pub, the concert café, the tapas bar or the wine cellar concept.

Aperitif with friends or afterwork in a club?

After a long day at work, it's good to unwind and have a drink with friends or colleagues. The business district of Paris La Défense is the ideal place for your afterwork outings: numerous bars, clubs, wine bars and beer bars welcome you on the terrace or rooftop for a moment of convivial relaxation.

Fancy a snack while having an aperitif or an afterwork with music in one of the many bars in the business district?
Relaxed atmosphere, happy hour, take the height at the Skyline bar located on the 19th floor of the Melia hotel; for a good espresso, we dare the coworking and barista space of the Café Icône et Coutume; and for those who like to move, why not an aperitif to the rhythm of the Latin dances.
Finally, it is possible to go out to spend an exceptional moment at the top of a building with an unobstructed view of the capital, to sit on the terrace surrounded by works of art, to choose a cocktail in a new and unusual setting or an exotic setting to discover a mixology enhanced by spices. And for the hardcore drinkers, head for the beer bars and wine bars...
As the seasons go by, there is always a good opportunity to meet up around the major cultural and festive events organised in Paris La Défense, not to mention the unmissable places to discover. Various events are organised in Paris La Défense, where ephemeral bars are set up according to themes: the music festival, the jazz festival, the Urban Week festival or the Garden Parvis festival which offers 6 weeks of open-air festivities, in summer, on more than 5,600m².
There is always a good opportunity to meet up around the major cultural and festive events organised throughout the year, not to mention the must-see places to discover: the Italian disco bar at Marco Marco on the esplanade, afterworks with DJs at Nodd for night owls and clubbers, happy hour at Story Place, while cocktail, beer and wine lovers will find themselves at La City or at 3 Brasseurs.

Cocktails, beer or wine?

Bars or restaurants, there is something for everyone in the La Défense district. There are a thousand and one ways to quench your thirst, to take your mind off things, over a cocktail with friends, with office colleagues, with a draught in hand, or in a cosy space while enjoying a vintage wine, natural or biodynamic, to discover our most beautiful wine regions. Soft drink enthusiasts will not be left out with the juice, smoothie and fruit cocktail bars.
Depending on your mood, there is always a place to quench your thirst without leaving the neighbourhood. In the evening, you can meet at the Marco Marco pizzeria on the Esplanade to enjoy aperitifs to the tune of disco, accompanied by pizzas. Clubbing enthusiasts will choose the Nodd in the Bellini area of the Esplanade, a meeting place for business district employees and night owls. Bistronomy is not left out with the Michelet, on the course of the same name, where you can find a more traditional cuisine while having an aperitif.
For lovers of locally brewed beers, there is only one address: Le Hub 3 Brasseurs on the Esplanade du Général de Gaulle, where you can discover the new gazette, a beer menu which is available for all tastes, with an inimitable flavour from the first sip.
And for a more cosy atmosphere, for a business meeting or a friendly lunch break, take a step up to La City, a wine bar located on the 35th floor of the Grande Arche de La Défense. This restaurant is open to the public at lunchtime from Monday to Friday and can be reserved for private events in the evening. The little extra: The ascent by the panoramic lifts is included in the price of the menu.
In Paris la Défense, there are a multitude of addresses to change your mind, while keeping in mind that you must consume in moderation!

What to do after eating?

Discover the works of art

Want to digest? From June to October, at the foot of the towers of La Défense, during the summer season, the contemporary art exhibition "Les Extatiques" offers you an urban tour to discover the works of the largest open-air museum in Europe. A good excuse to stroll around and learn something new. Otherwise, several works of art are exhibited in different places in the district, as an invitation to discover.

Relax with green spaces

Taking a break in a green setting in the business district is possible! In the heart of the concrete of La Défense, many green spaces have been laid out, convivial spaces transforming the district into a place of life at the foot of the towers, a useful nature both varied and aesthetic, embellished with trees, lawns, flowers, aromatic plants and sometimes vegetable gardens…

Upcoming events

From summer, Garden Parvis is the unmissable event of the season; free and open to all, with during the 6 summer weeks, food trucks, bars, activities and concerts that enliven the life of the esplanade, all arranged in a large green space. In our agenda, find upcoming events and upcoming events!

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