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To implement the commitments set out in its strategic direction, Paris La Défense is multiplying initiatives throughout the area and engaging its various stakeholders in thinking and acting for the future of the business district. Joining Paris La Défense also means being part of an ecosystem of committed companies, eager to make their contribution to the sustainable transformation of the area, from a social, ecological and economic point of view. With this in mind, the public establishment Paris La Défense relies on the strength of the collective and federates companies around common projects. Paris La Défense also creates synergies between major players in the area who share common human and economic challenges, by setting up clubs and communities by sector of activity. The aim is to strengthen links between companies, get to know their neighbors better, draw inspiration from the initiatives of each player, whether private or public, while benefiting from the presence of everyone in an area with many assets.

Paris La Défense Campus

The number of students has more than doubled in the last 5 years, and the area now boasts over 70,000 students and 50 higher education establishments. Paris La Défense is committed to creating the "Paris La Défense Campus" to provide students with an even better quality of life. The aim is to make student life an integral part of the city by collectively developing a comprehensive development policy covering student accommodation, catering, sports, leisure activities, work sharing and any other services that can be identified and pooled. The aim is also to develop connections between students and neighboring businesses.
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Contacts : Anne Buquet, Project Manager, Corporate Relations and Higher Education, / François Malgorn, Project manager, Foresight and strategy,

CSR and Sustainable Development Directors' Club

Companies and their employees are now aware of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are taking individual action. The public establishment Paris La Défense wanted to offer companies in the area the chance to join a genuine community of CSR and Sustainable Development Directors. Four times a year, convivial exchanges between peers are organized to enable everyone to gain a better understanding of the range of social and environmental actions being carried out in the area, to imagine those that can be initiated in collaboration, and also to share the thoughts of committed players, both companies and employees, on social, societal and environmental issues.

Contacts : Anne Buquet, Project Manager, Corporate Relations and Higher Education, / Karen Conrard, CSR Manager,

HR Experts Club

As the economic hub of the Greater Paris region, Paris La Défense currently employs 180,000 people in companies ranging from SMEs to major groups, in all sectors of activity. A true vector for innovation, progress and solutions, the public establishment organizes regular meetings between experts on current HR issues around a pre-defined theme (employer brand, inclusion, artificial intelligence, etc.). These meetings provide an opportunity to nurture your network, exchange ideas with your neighbors, consolidate your local presence and initiate new projects across the region.

Contacts : Anne Buquet, Project Manager, Corporate Relations and Higher Education, / Laëtitia Wehmeyer, Employee experience departement head,

MICE & Leisure Club

Paris La Défense is home to a large number of players in the business and leisure tourism sectors. Hoteliers, seminar and convention organizers, museums, leisure and sports facilities... all meet quarterly to share their news and that of the district. Together with its MICE & Leisure partners, the Public Institution Paris La Défense aims to promote Paris La Défense as a complete destination for business and leisure events, as well as a genuine tourist destination.
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Contact : Anne de Livonnière, Tourism and BtoB Events Project Manager,

GBD Innovation Club

Created in 2018, the Global Business Districts Innovation Club brings together 15 members from the most prestigious international business districts, including Paris La Défense, Chicago, San Francisco, Beijing, Montreal, Shenzhen, Amsterdam, Dublin and many more. Club members meet regularly for themed meetings or learning expeditions to share best practices on major issues affecting the attractiveness of business districts (services, mobility, CSR, events in public spaces, work modes, etc.).
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Contact : Julia Solodova, Development Project Manager,

Paris La Défense Can B (PLD+B)

With the PLD+B program, Paris La Défense has become the 1st French territory to join the international "Cities Can B" movement, alongside Santiago, Mendoza, Rio, Barcelona, Edinburgh and Asuncion. Through this initiative, Paris La Défense aims to support companies, both public and private, in their environmental, social and societal impact assessment processes, in order to define a path for progress, but also to reflect collectively to accelerate the area's transformation. All players (companies, higher education institutions, hotels, investors, retailers, etc.) located or operating in the region, of all sizes and in all sectors, are invited to take part in this program of exchange and collaborative work. The PLD+B program does not lead to certification, but takes the form of six 3-hour work sessions.

Contacts : Anne Buquet, Project Manager, Corporate Relations and Higher Education, / Karen Conrard, CSR Manager,