The pedestrian map of Paris La Défense to access all your desires

Who has never gotten lost in La Défense? It's not easy to find your way in this atypical urban environment ....

This is why, in order to make it easier for you to find your way around the La Défense business district, the public establishment of Paris La Défense has developed the pedestrian signage of the area: 5 major sectors identified by a remarkable place and a visual marker, the list of all the towers, access to public transport, cab ranks, parking lots, public facilities and services, ...

Whatever your needs or aspirations: a hotel, culture, architecture, nature, gastronomy, shopping, relaxing with a drink..., find easily the spot you need thanks to the new map of the pedestrian zones of the territory.

Paris La Défense Arche Ouest pedestrian map

Discover The Arche Ouest sector

Why not take a walk from the Grande Arche via the pier to the Arche gardens in Nanterre?

Come and have an aperitif, lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants proposed on the Terrasses de Nanterre. There is no lack of choice: French, vegetarian, Japanese, Chinese, pizzeria, creperie and many others.

Otherwise, attend a concert, a show or a sporting event at the Paris La Défense Arena.

Paris La Défense Arche Nord pedestrian map

Discover The Arche Nord sector

This sector, rich in real estate and residential complexes, home to numerous companies and well-known towers such as the Engie tower (former T1 tower, made popular with the general public for being a climbing ground for great professionals such as Léo Urban and Alexis Landot) or the University pole (Léonard de Vinci), is undergoing major changes.

The public spaces, pedestrian accesses and the former La Coupole shopping center will be renovated to make the routes through this historic district of La Défense more fluid.

In the meantime, the Centre des Nouvelles Industries et Technologie offers you the opportunity to discover its shopping center, its convention center, an exhibition or simply its architect who makes it a unique building.

Paris La Défense Arche Sud pedestrian map

Discover The Arche Sud sector

Le secteur Arche Sud est principalement connu pour le centre commercial “Westfield les 4 Temps”, le plus grand centre commercial de l’ouest parisien (+ de 141 000 m²) et l’un des plus visités de France (+ de 40 millions de visiteurs en 2019).

Le secteur Arche Sud est aussi l’axe principal pour l’accès à la gare routière et la circulation des véhicules au centre du quartier de La Défense.

D’ailleurs le secteur s’offre un renouveau avec la construction prochaine d’une connexion piétonne prévue entre la dalle et le jardin Gilles Clément pour dynamiser la zone entre Puteaux et Nanterre.

Paris La Défense Esplanade Nord pedestrian map

Discover The Esplanade Nord sector

A vast sector with multiple neighborhoods, the "Esplanade Nord" sector is dense in terms of discoveries.

It includes Cœur Défense, the management offices of Europe's leading business district.

The large Diderot park, the D2 tower (winner of the ArchiDesignClub Award 2015), the First tower or the pixel-art of the artist Invader on the stairs of the Iris footbridge are to be discovered.

Paris La Défense Esplanade Sud pedestrian map

Discover The Esplanade Sud sector

Composed of the Villon, Michelet, Bellini and République districts, the Esplanade Sud sector is home to the historic towers of La Défense: the Total Michelet tower, the Allianz One tower, the Initiale tower, etc.

But also that of the future emblematic tower The Link (two towers of 228 and 165 m, connected on 30 levels by vegetated walkways) which will modernize the landscape as for the renovations made to the Carré Michelet and the Cours Michelet.

A residential sector, a gateway to the center of La Défense from the south thanks to the pedestrian facilities created to allow accessibility to all, the Esplanade Sud sector, like the entire La Défense territory, is evolving for the well-being of its residents, employees and visitors.

Discover The Axe de La Défense sector

New pedestrian zone

  • Parvis
  • Agam Fountain
  • Takis

Central part of the business district of La Défense, accessible by multimodal public transport (metro, RER, tramway, train), the sector of the Axe de La Défense is, from the Grande Arche, through its Parvis, the Place de La Défense and its Esplanande, the largest public space in France.

From La Grande Arche or the Esplanade du Général de Gaulle, enjoy the incredible view of the historical axis from La Défense to Le Louvre (8 kilometers).

Every year, in summer, Garden Parvis is one of the events not to be missed, food, drinks and chill are at the RDV. In winter, the Christmas Market, one of the largest in the Ile-De-France, redraws the lines of this territory.

A place of meetings and exchanges between employees, residents and visitors, La Défense evolves with history, developments, exhibitions and events to offer a new experience every day.


  • Key
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"The essential of La Défense in 2 hours" tour

Let's go for a unique experience! Your express journey begins.
Departure: Grande Arche de La Défense station (RER A and M1)

Parcours essentiel 1

At the top of the Grande Arche

Enjoy a 1,000 sq.m. terrace with an unobstructed view of Greater Paris. Not forgetting the exhibition space dedicated to photography. And an unobstructed view of the historic axis linking the Louvre to the La Défense business district.

Discover the Grande Arche


Parcours essentiel 2


Admire the CNIT with its impressive vault. Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm and Sunday from 11am to 7pm. The new underground RER E station will be opened in 2024 to simplify your travel and better access to the shopping center.

Discover the CNIT


Parcours essentiel 3

The monumental fountain of Agam

A little further on, bask near Yaacov Agam's monumental fountain. Designed to be a spectacular work of art on the scale of the La Défense business district, its water jets invite you to contemplate.

Discover the Fontaine monumentale


Parcours essentiel 4

The Place Basse

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation on the Place Basse with a breathtaking view of the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. An ideal place to have lunch at noon or to come and rest with your family on weekends in the business district.

Discover the Place Basse


Parcours essentiel 5

The Bassin [Basin] of Takis

Finally, at the end of the esplanade, have a picnic by the Takis Basin. An iconic work of art to discover, but also a place to relax by the water on warmer days. Unquestionably a favorite spot for the neighborhood kids!

Discover the Bassin


"Architecture of La Défense" tour

Paris La Défense is the showcase of contemporary architecture. Walk in the footsteps of the greatest.
Departure: Esplanade de La Défense station (M1)

Parcours architecture 1

The First Tower

Impossible to miss, the First tower, the highest skyscraper in France with 231 meters high! During its rehabilitation, it was raised by 50 meters to achieve this goal. Note the tapered treatment of its top, designed to reinforce its image of prow.

Discover the First Tower


Parcours architecture 2

The D2 tower

Atypical for its ovoid shape, it is one of the most emblematic achievements of the Franco-American architectural duo Anthony Béchu and Tom Sheehan. Completed in 2015, its facade has the particularity of being covered with a metal mesh contributing 50% of its stability.

Discover the D2 Tower


Parcours architecture 3

Cœur Défense

Designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, also architect of the Majunga Tower, it is the building complex with the largest usable office space in Europe, with nearly 190,000 m² and 78 elevators.

Discover Cœur Défense


Parcours architecture 4

The Légende Tower (former EDF tower)

Developed in particular with Leoh Ming Pei, the creator of the Louvre Pyramid, this emblematic tower will change its name in 2021 following its rehabilitation. An example of architectural prowess, it is wider at its top than at its base. Its 24-meter diameter canopy gives it a masterful look while protecting pedestrians.

Discover the Légende tower


Parcours architecture 5

The Grande Arche

Designed by the Dane Johan Otto von Spreckelsen and completed by Paul Andreu, it is the iconic building of the business district. Completed in 1989, it houses public and private offices, as well as a rooftop space with an art gallery, a restaurant, and a walkway that offers a 110-meter view of the business district and Greater Paris!

Discover the Grande Arche


Parcours architecture 6

Paris La Défense Arena

Designed by Christian de Portzamparc, it is the largest indoor arena in Europe with 40,000 seats, and also the resident stadium of the Racing 92 rugby club. It will host the swimming events of the 2024 Olympic Games. A unique place and an ultra-modern hall to enjoy a show, whether sporting or cultural, in total immersion.

Discover Paris La Défense Arena


"Modern Art in the Open Air" tour

Are you passionate about art? More than 50 works, monumental or discreet, are waiting for you in Paris La Défense. Departure : Grande Arche de La Défense station (RER A and M1)

Parcours art moderne 1

Le Pouce [The Thumb] of César

Monumental enlargement of the artist's thumb. Considered as a fragment of our current reality, a symbol of the practical and manual work that can be done, it points to the sky to show optimism and also vanity.

Discover Le Pouce of César


Parcours art moderne 2

The Fantastic Characters

Officially referred to as "Ensemble Monumental", this work of art by the famous Catalan painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist Joan Miró, represents, with a touch of surrealism and excess, the unstable balance between the childlike joy of the moment and the disturbing strangeness of fate.

Discover The Fantastic Characters


Parcours art moderne 3

The Red Spider

An imposing work of Alexandre Calder, because of its size of 15 meters high and especially its 75 tons of steel! It was the artist himself who chose its location on the Place de La Défense. It echoes another work of the artist, Flamingo, located in Chicago.

Discover the Red Spider


Parcours art moderne 4

The Monumental fountain of Agam

A spectacular work of art by Yaacov Agam, on the scale of the La Défense business district. The fountain is composed of a mosaic of Venetian enamels in 86 shades of glass paste colors. In spring and summer, water jets animate it.

Discover Monumental fountain


Parcours art moderne 5

Le Moretti

This giant straw by Raymond Moretti covers a 32 meter high ventilation chimney and dresses it with 672 fiberglass tubes of 19 different colors, positioned on the entire surface to emphasize the vertical volume of this work.

Discover Le Moretti


Parcours art moderne 6

The Basin of Takis

A true sensory experience by the artist Takis for this rectangular basin located at the bottom of the esplanade of La Défense. 49 metal rods are distributed in the basin, whose ends are equipped with colored geometric forms and flashing lights. They offer to the public a playful ballet that enchants young and old.

Discover the Basin


"Nature in the heart of La Défense" tour

37 hectares of green spaces to breathe, picnic, visit or "chill out"... Departure : Esplanade de La Défense station (M1)

Parcours nature 1

The island of Puteaux

Come and stroll along the banks of the Seine. The island of Puteaux, a green setting, invites you to discover, during a walk or a bike ride, its magnificent rose garden which reminds the time of the great perfumers of the West of Paris, its butterfly meadow, the beehive and the aquariums of the Naturoscope or even the big swimming pool of the Palais des Sports.


Parcours nature 2

The Diderot park

With its one hectare of vegetation, its monumental waterfall and its 14 m difference in level, it is a place suitable for relaxing, for a break or a picnic on the upper part of the park. It is also a playground for children, a multi-sports ground and a petanque ground on its lower part.

Discover the Diderot park


Parcours nature 3

The Jardin des Reflets

Smelly, flowery and planted with different species of shrubs, a vegetable garden and aromatic plants, it is a calm place to relax. The members of the shared garden benefit from special animations with free workshops by the association "Vivre Ensemble".

Discover the Jardin des Reflets


Parcours nature 4

The Place Basse

A green oasis located on the historical axis, it is a very popular place to take a break. The square is planted with holm oaks and Chinese or Mediterranean shrubs such as rosemary, lavender or jasmine, and is dotted with planters sculpted by the artist Shelomo Selinger, a work entitled La Danse.

Discover the Place Basse


Parcours nature 5

The Majunga eco-garden

At the foot of the Majunga Tower. An open-ground eco-garden, covering 2,300 sq.m., offers a mineral and a plant pond, a children's play area and a petanque court for tourists, residents or employees.

Discover the Majunga eco-garden


Parcours nature 6

The André Malraux park

A vast 25-hectare landscaped park in the heart of the city of Nanterre, it offers visitors wide lawns, 400 different species of wood and a water feature. The park is a refuge for birds. The park is a haven for birds. It is ideal for long walks, climbing on the wall or enjoying the water playground, designed for children.

Discover the André Malraux park


Map of the routes

Fashion Paris La Défense


Westfield Les 4 Temps - CNIT, the largest shopping center in Europe, with 220 boutiques, 60 restaurants, a hypermarket and 16 UGC movie theaters.

   For more information, click here.


Gastronomes Paris La Défense


More than 150 restaurants and bars, on the forecourt, the esplanade, or on the rooftop: French, international, on-the-go or bistronomic cuisine... There is an embarrassment of riches!   

For more information, click here.


Noctambules Paris La Défense


3,900 rooms available in the immediate vicinity, and nearly 8,000 rooms in the territory in 20 hotels from 2 to 5 stars, some with rooftops!   

For more information, click here.


Accrocs du boulot Paris La Défense


59,000 m², or nearly twenty coworking spaces, with a wide range of spaces available for rent by the hour, day, week or more.

For more information, click here.