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The authorized bicycle in La Défense

Cycling on a bike

Means of transport in full development, the bike was up to 2015 prohibits La Défense. In order to meet the expectations of the users of the site, Paris La Défense (ex-Defacto), the public Institution for the management, promotion and animation of La Défense and of the Community of Agglomeration the Seine-Défense were launched, between 13 April and 13 September 2015, an experiment designed to allow the movement of bicycles in the central business district.

Bikes and pedestrians have found a common ground in The Defence and are now sharing the public space. Banned since 1999, the little queen is once again welcome in the central business district since September 14, 2015. This authorisation of the movement of the bicycle responds to a growing demand of employees and residents.

The experiment conducted from 13 April to 13 September 2015, which has helped to ensure the smooth coexistence of pedestrian flows and bicycle are particularly dense in the central business district. It has been accompanied by a major campaign of communication and awareness-raising.

Five months later, the result was conclusive : only one reported incident without serious injuries, for nearly 3,000 riders daily. During this period, the number of cyclists has increased by an average of 5% on weekdays and 15% on the weekend.

These results have been presented by the Paris Defence to the mayors of Puteaux and Courbevoie, which have decided to continue the authorization for the movement of bicycles to La Défense.

This decision recognised, Paris La Défense is considering the installation of roll bars for additional bicycles, the improvement of the accessibility of the slab to the bikes, and will continue the communication with all the users for a better co-existence between bikes and pedestrians. Remember that the rules of sharing of public space, impose speed and priority to pedestrians.

Below you will find the movie crumb in place of operation Love story on the court during the experiment.