Living better together

Ambiance Paris La Défense 2019 ® Paris La Défense Augustin Detienne

The post-carbon business district must also be a place where people live better together, in terms of land use, diversity, mobility and quality of life. To achieve this, Paris La Défense has set the following objectives:

Nurturing nature in the city

Planters of the Esplanade de La Défense, 2021 © Sabrina Budon

Paris La Défense is going even greener, aiming to better incorporate nature into the urban environment while promoting biodiversity and reducing heat islands. Several projects are already underway or have already been completed. 2023 saw the delivery of a modernized and landscaped place de La Défense, with the Jardin des Rails and The Groues neighborhood slated for completion in 2024. Work will also start this year on the largest platform-based urban park in France, covering five hectares (12.4 acres) of the esplanade, as well as the Michelet neighborhood, intended as a gem of urban greenery. will soon be finalized and construction will begin in 2024. In the , construction is about to begin on . To go even further, all investment projects for the 2018-2027 period will be reconsidered on the basis of environmental criteria. Finally, unused parking lots will be re-purposed.

Encourage eco-friendly mobility

Cycle paths in Paris La Défense, 2021 © Sabrina Budon

The bicycle paths and ecofriendly mobility infrastructure, such as bicycle parking, charging stations for electric vehicles, etc., installed in 2021, will be fully operational in 2024 with the inauguration of the underground passages currently under contruction. New features will supplement existing infrastructure, with the aim of ultimately covering the entire district, in particular thanks to some 30 Vélib' stations in 2025. In collaboration with the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council, boulevard Patrick-Devedjian and the riverbanks will also be redeveloped as peaceful urban thoroughfares accessible to all. Finally, alongside the commissioning of the RER E suburban rail line ans the creation of two Grand Paris Express stations this year, development work is being undertaken to facilitate travel for local residents and employees.

Promote eco-friendly entertainment and cultural events

Garden Parvis, 2021 © Sabrina Budon

Entertainment and cultural events organized by Paris La Défense become more environmentally friendly : no disposable utensils, more recyclable materials, environmental awarenessraising initiatives targeting the general public and much more. In addition, an incentive-based approach is implemented to encourage district companies and property managers to engage in environmentally responsible practices, with a particular emphasis on reducing food waste. Paris La Défense also seeks to support all local initiatives that help users live better together.