Living better together

Ambiance Paris La Défense 2019 ® Paris La Défense Augustin Detienne

The post-carbon business district must also be a place where people live together better, in terms of use of spaces, diversity, mobility and quality of life. To achieve this, Paris La Défense has set the following objectives:

Promoting nature in the city

Planters of the Esplanade de La Défense 2021 © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

Paris La Défense is becoming even more green. The ambition is to better integrate nature into the urban space, while promoting the preservation of biodiversity and the reduction of heat islands. Several projects are already underway. In 2022, the first part of the Place de La Défense will be opened to the public, modernised and greened. A project to create the largest urban park on a slab in France, spread over 7 hectares of the esplanade, will also soon be unveiled. In the Groues district, work will begin on the Jardin des Rails. Better still, all the investment projects planned for the period 2018-2027 will be reviewed in the light of environmental criteria. Finally, unused car parks will be converted.

Encouraging soft mobility

Cycle paths in La Défense 2021 © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

The cycle paths and infrastructures dedicated to ecological mobility (parking spaces for bicycles, recharging stations for electric vehicles, etc.) recently installed will be perpetuated. Others will be added to this network to eventually cover the entire area. The Boulevard Circulaire and the quays of the Seine will also be redeveloped to transform them into peaceful urban streets accessible to all. Finally, the arrival of the RER E at La Défense and Nanterre is already accompanied by development work that will facilitate travel for users of the district.

Favouring eco-responsible events and activities

La Défense bicycle paths 2021 © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

The activities and events organised by Paris La Défense will be more eco-responsible: no single-use crockery, use of recycled materials, public awareness of environmental issues, etc. In addition, actions encouraging good environmental practices will be undertaken with companies and property managers in the area, particularly to reduce food waste. Paris La Défense also wishes to support all initiatives in the area that contribute to better living together.