Collective intelligence for a post-carbon future

La Défense towers 2021  © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

Paris La Défense is committed to setting an example to encourage a general dynamic in favour of this post-carbon movement. To achieve this, Paris La Défense has set the following objectives:

Ensuring the ecological transition of high-rise buildings

Towers of La Défense 2021 © Paris La Défense Carlos Ayesta

How can we make the towers in our territory compatible with this ambition to make La Défense a post-carbon business district? This question will be at the heart of the first general meeting on the transformation of towers organised by Paris La Défense in 2022. The challenges of these meetings between investors and real estate operators will be to imagine practical solutions capable of implementing the territory's ambition - and to set an example, well beyond its borders, of what an eco-responsible business district could be in the 21st century.

Freeing the imagination

Fontaine Agam by night 2021 © Paris La Défense Sabrina Budon

Following the example of the competition Cube, Championnat de France des économies d'énergies, organised in the district, Paris La Défense will expand the various initiatives. Its objective: to create emulation between the occupants of the towers of La Défense seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Through the public contracts for which it is responsible, the public establishment will also encourage its service providers to take part in the collective effort by recasting its environmental and social integration criteria.

Refocusing the institution's real estate activity around the social and environmental dimensions

Solidarity 2019 © La Maison de l'Amitié

The public establishment will apply very high standards of social and environmental excellence to its own real estate operations and to the management of its land and buildings. Paris La Défense will thus favor the establishment in the territory of players in the social and solidarity economy or the circular economy. Priority will also be given to activities contributing to integration and local employment, as well as the installation of young businesses.