Take up the post-carbon shift

Paris La Défense towers 2021  © Sabrina Budon

Paris La Défense must set an example, fostering a collective dynamic in support of this post-carbon shift. To achieve this, Paris La Défense has set the following objectives :

Bring about an ecological transition in the towers

Towers of Paris La Défense, 2021 © Carlos Ayesta

How can the towers soaring above La Défense contribute to this ambition for a post-carbon business district ? This question lay at the heart of the General Assemblies for Skyscraper transformation organized by Paris La Défense. Bringing together investors and real estate operators in search of pratical solutions, these discussions generated 10 proposals to design and propote energy-efficient buildings requiring fewer materials and offering a wider variety of uses and services. 15 players in the business district have already formalized their commitment by signing the Paris La Défense Post-Carbon Charter.

To find out more about the 10 proposals

Learn to dream

Fontaine Agam by night, 2021 © Sabrina Budon

The public body is highlighting the different initiatives instituted, such as the CUBE energy savings competition among buildings in La Défense. The goal is to inspire emulation among tower tenants looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Through the public contracts it manages, Paris La Défense also encourages its service providers to take part in the collective effort by systematically stipulating objectives for environmental sustainability and social integration.

Re-focus the real estate business around social and environmental dimensions

Solidarity, 2019 © La Maison de l'Amitié

The public body will appies the same standards to its own real estate operations and land and building management practices in terms to social and environmental excellence. As such, Paris La Défense will host a branch of the energy renovation training institute La Solive in one of its buildings located in Les Groues. Priority also is given to activities that contribute to local jobs and social inclusion, as well as young companies.