Building better

Eole construction site at CNIT 2021 (c) Paris La Défense Benedite Topuz

Building a post-carbon business district requires building and renovating in a different and better way, in consultation with all the players involved in regional development. To achieve this, Paris La Défense has set the following objectives:

Launch a call for exemplary and innovative projects

Aerial view of Paris La Défense 2021 © Paris La Défense Philippe Guignard

In the first quarter of 2022, a call for projects will be launched to design and build real estate operations that are exemplary in terms of their environmental footprint. The aim will be to bring out projects that embody the values of Paris La Défense: exemplary in terms of social and environmental impact, innovative both architecturally and technically, and which will fit perfectly into their environment.

Assessing the social and environmental impact of projects

La Défense towers 2021 © Paris La Défense Carlos Ayesta

Paris La Défense will index the level of building rights to their environmental and social performance. Thus, building restructuring will be favoured over demolition and reconstruction operations. The use or not of bio-sourced materials, the level of energy consumption or the search for mixed uses will be decisive criteria for establishing the price of building rights.

Building low carbon buildings

Flora housing project in Les Groues © Woodeum Luxigon

From 2022, the business district will be the testing ground for the construction of low-carbon buildings. Paris La Défense and the real estate industry will develop bold projects, making the district a real place for innovation and experimentation in the service of the ecological transition. In this logic of technological and environmental breakthrough, Paris La Défense wishes to host the first high-rise office building in France with a wooden structure.

To find out more about low-carbon projects, see the Flora housing project located in Les Groues and the Place de l'Iris commercial shell in La Défense.