The winners of phase 2

1. The Ségoffin site

The jury for the Ségoffin site met on 4 July 2023 and selected the Synapses project, led by Pitch Immo.

Synapses team

  • Agent: Pitch Immo
  • Developer: GA Smart Building
  • Urban planning architect: Alfonso Femia
  • Main engineering consultants: TERRELL, ELIOTH and EGIS
  • Landscape architects : WALD and MERCI RAYMOND
  • Artistic approach: QUAI 36

Discover the winning Synapses project

2. The Jean Moulin Site

The jury for the Jean Moulin site met in October 2023 and selected the "Jean Moulin" project, led by BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Jean Moulin team

  • Owner: Paris La Défense
  • Leader of the consortium: BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • Co-developer: SPIE Batignolles Immobilier
  • Urban planning architects: AREP Architectes, RSHP
  • Design offices: Ingerop, Socotec
  • Bioclimatic studies: Eodd AMO
  • Programming: AREP
  • Economist: DAL

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3. The Liberté site

The jury for the Liberté site met and selected the "Liberté" project, led by Quartus.

Liberté team

  • Contractor: Quartus
  • Architects: Baumschlager Eberle Architectes and Itar Architectures
  • Urban and landscape planners: Wald
  • Engineering firms: Artelia, INEX, Socotec
  • Off-site consulting & reuse: Hors site Conseil, R-USE
  • Programming: Bérénice
  • Prefiguration: Beaux-Arts consulting
  • Construction economist: AE75

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4. The Demi-Lune site

Demi-Lune team

  • Leader of the consortium : Linkcity
  • Developers: Linkcity / Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion
  • Architects: L'AUC / XDGA / MM Architectes
  • Engineering consultants: INGEROP / ARCORA
  • Programming: NOVA CONSULTING
  • Landscaping: INSIDE OUTSIDE
  • Bioclimatic studies: ELIOTH
  • Sustainable development consultant: ELAN / ELIOTH
  • Control office: SOCOTEC
  • Fire prevention: INGEPREV
  • General contractor: BOUYGUES BATIMENT
  • Communication agencies: Artefactory Lab / Adonis Création
  • Editorial assistance: Demain matin
  • Innovation laboratories: ELAB
  • Socioloque: Bfluid
  • Intensification of uses: GARAGE

Discover the winning Demi-Lune project

The winning projects for the other three sites in the Empreintes call for projects will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

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