Key features

  • Approx. 1.5 ha (3.7 acres)
  • 15 minutes on foot from downtown Puteaux
  • 5 minutes from the future Parc de l’Esplanade de La Défense and the Jardin Gallieni.
  • Excellent exposure

Urban setting and features

The Jean-Moulin site is currently articulated around the Villon carpark access ramps, road infrastructure and the business district’s built environment.

The Altiplano project is currently being restructured. The project that wins the Empreintes call will be able to commence upon its expected completion in 2024.

The stakes of this transformation reflect this diverse environment:

  • Efficient connections are needed to compensate the level changes.
  • The project will necessarily be mixed-use.
  • The connection between the business district and downtown Puteaux shall rely on the animation of Avenue Jean-Moulin and the creation of public spaces.
  • The preservation of natural light, but also of the views and perspectives on the Boieldieu neighborhood and on the Eve tower should be considered as part of applications.


The site’s features make it particularly well-suited to different types of construction, from small buildings to high-rise buildings (Immeuble de Grande Hauteur, or IGH).

The development of a large public space will be heart of a lively neighborhood that will extend past the site’s borders and connect to the business district, downtown Puteaux and Avenue Jean-Moulin.

Addressing the site’s multiple levels is not only necessary to create a pleasant neighborhood. It will also encourage active mobility from neighborhood to neighborhood, or even from city to city.

  • The design of a mixed-use and low-carbon program will create a lively public space thriving thanks to existing and future businesses and linking the elevated plaza to the ground level.
  • The walkway’s slope will be used to provide an alternative to elevators to reach the elevated plaza and Avenue Jean-Moulin.
  • Extending this pathway, the future green spaces can be accessed easily. The project will seek not only to create nature islands but also to weave continuous green corridors that echo the design of neighboring projects (Jardin des rails in the Les Groues neighborhood in Nanterre), Place de La Défense, the Esplanade urban park project.