Key features

  • 2,000 sq.m., supporting a small buildable area
  • 10 minutes from the Esplanade and Westfield Les 4 Temps
  • 2 minutes from the future EOLE (RER E) rail station

By contributing to connecting the business district and Courbevoie, the Gambetta site offers the opportunity to assist in reconfiguring public space by diversifying urban practices and offering commercial or recreational activities or temporary and evolutive services.

Urban setting and features

On the Courbevoie side, the residential urban fabric contrasts with the high-rise business district.

In this highly built environment, the Gambetta site is a breath of fresh air characterized by green spaces, which employees and residents that access the business district through the pedestrian tunnel under the Boulevard Patrick-Devedjian particularly appreciate.

The site’s configuration is characterized by:

  • An inclined green public space,
  • A pedestrian tunnel (under the Boulevard Patrick-Devedjian),
  • A location in the continuity of the Gambetta greenway, which will be progressively transformed as the Eole works progressively end and clear the area.

The Gambetta greenway, an anticipated renaissance

The Gambetta greenway is an important thoroughfare for employees and residents wishing to reach the business district or downtown Courbevoie. On the La Défense side, a provisional development is currently replacing the Eole works facilities. On the city side, Avenue Gambetta is currently undergoing renovation. The new avenue will be centered around green spaces and leisure activities.


The development of generous public spaces in which vegetation plays a central role connecting the site to the Gambetta greenway, and its insertion in the surroundings are key to the project’s success, which will specifically hinge on:

  • The construction of a diverse services offering (businesses, leisure, culture …) comforting the area’s attractivity and liveliness,
  • An intermittent built environment (“kiosk” type) demonstrating expertise with new construction techniques (use of alternative construction material…),
  • A built environment that can accommodate evolutive programs over time.

The consortium teams may rely on very favorable perspectives:

To improve the insertion of their projects into the existing urban fabric, the consortium’s plans may extend to the renovation of Avenues Prothin and Gleizes, and to access to the Gambetta site from the business district.