Key features

  • 1.5 ha (3.7 acres)
  • 5 minutes from the Esplanade and the Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping center
  • 8 minutes on foot from the Cœur Transport mobility hub

The Demi-Lune site encapsulates the extensive possibilities offered by La Défense’s new strategic plan. Its transformation erases the opposition between work, housing and leisure and relocates the business district in its broader urban context.

Urban setting and features

Bordered to the east by the Ring Road, the Demi-Lune site is today crossed by the RD914 access ramp and by accesses to the carparks of the Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping center.

Its mixed-used urban setting makes Demi-Lune an outward-facing site. An ambitious transformation will:

  • Connect efficiently the La Défense elevated plaza to Puteaux and Nanterre while helping to progressively erase the business district’s rigid boundaries,
  • Make good use of the proximity of the historical axis and the Great Arch, the Rosiers neighborhood and of the area composed of the Paris La Défense Arena, the Terrasses de Nanterre and the Parc André Malraux.

As it is located at the heart of an environment combining office, housing, leisure, retail, and educational space, undoing this layering is a key aspect of the site’s “liberation”. Today deprived of appropriate pedestrian connections, Demi-Lune will clearly benefit from the upcoming road reorganization proposed by the Hauts-De-Seine département in a project currently under review.


The project of the Patrick-Devedjian Ring Road transformation will contribute to creating a neighborhood integrated into urban fabric and public spaces accessible to all.

The freed space shall be repurposed to:

  • build a public space linked to adjacent roads,
  • develop low-rise or high-rise buildings with programs tailored to the area and ground floors open to the surrounding neighborhood,
  • the creation of multiple greenways that exploit the site’s natural light,
  • the creation of green connections toward La Défense’s other sectors and adjacent cities.

The Demi-Lune must also find its place among the numerous other ongoing projects and studies such as: the Rose de Cherbourg (2022),the La Défense metro station (Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express metro – by 2030), Jardins de l’Arche (completed) Croissant in Nanterre (ZAC Seine Arche), Parc Sud…