The sites

The five sites selected by Paris La Défense are located within the historical perimeter of the public-interest initiative (PII). Each site boasts considerable potential for environmental sobriety, structural diversity and new links with surrounding neighborhoods.

Shared principles…

All sites have the chance to become new gateways to La Défense, each exhibiting unique characteristics in terms of surface area, urban environment and technical constraints… Nonetheless, each represents a threefold opportunity:

  • elaboration of a development program that contributes to enhancing diversity in the business district, eschewing a “100% office” property model,
  • contribution to the transformation of the Ring Road,
  • creation of new urban links between the Paris La Défense pedestrian platform and neighboring cities.

At present, the sites range in surface area from 2,000 sq.m. to 1.6 hectares (4 acres). Each site already has a specific role to play in the urban ecosystem.

Sites located at the boundary of La Défense

The call for projects’ sites are located:

  • in the municipality of Puteaux (Demi-Lune, Jean-Moulin, Liberté),
  • in the municipality of Courbevoie (Segoffin).

A wealth of possibilities


1. Demi-Lune

An emblematic symbol of the commitment to reigning in road infrastructure, the Demi-Lune site will serve to connect a residential neighborhood to the business district.

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2. Jean-Moulin

With its new first-rate public space and its mixed-use construction program, the Jean-Moulin site will connect with the pedestrian platform in Puteaux and the Jardin Gallieni.

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3. Liberté

The structures to be built on the Liberté site, located right next to the border with Puteaux, will strengthen links between the downtown area and the business district while also enhancing the green corridor.

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4. Ségoffin

Located north of the Esplanade, the Ségoffin site will feature a new retail offering and access to the RER E.

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