The jury

To examine each of the proposals in depth, the jury constituted by Paris La Défense will include members of the Local Public Body’s leadership but also the Département, municipalities, government agencies, a community representative, and experts.

Who makes up the projected jury?

What are the jury’s missions?

All sites will have the same jury. It will select a maximum of 4 candidates per site during Phase 1 - “Interest” and will proceed to ranking the candidates on the basis of the offers made over the course of the “Project” phase.

During phase 1, applications will be reviewed in light of the criteria set in the consultation rules (responsiveness of expertise, understanding of the site and the stakes, appropriation of the ambitions laid out in the call for projects, investment strategy …).

The criteria that will form the basis of the final evaluation of applications will be specified in the consultation rules, updated for each site upon launch of phase 2 of the call for projects.

The jury can also rely on the expertise of a technical committee including representatives from Paris La Défense and its partners.

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