Our ambitions

The Empreintes call for project seeks to spur the development of real estate and urban planning projects that fit its new Raison d’être on lots that the Public Body and its partners control. Operators not yet present in La Défense belong to this project and should consider making bids. Chosen candidates will respond to Empreintes’s three main ambitions.

Emphasis on low-carbon projects

All over the business district, construction and operation of homes and office-space is the second most carbon-intensive activity after transportation. Empreintes aims to encourage real estate operators to champion a reduction in environmental impact throughout the building life cycle. This includes:

  • The construction (employing bio-materials, reuse, recycling, etc. …) and functional phases (insulation, heat networks, accessibility, local services…). Construction should be evolutive and reversible.
  • Accounting for a potential demolition (reuse or introduction of materials in the recycling chain…),
  • Systematic research into potential reuse of existing infrastructure and/ or the sharing of facilities with neighboring buildings.

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Enhance diversity and anticipate new uses

Today, La Défense features a broad array of cultural, commercial and artistic projects, alongside residential buildings. New work habits (co-working, incubators, etc.) were developing in the district even before the health crisis.

By taking full account of new ways of living, working and designing urban spaces, Empreintes aims to instill new momentum into the ecological transition and land use diversification in the district. Paris La Défense thus intends to engender an original ecosystem created in the image of modern-day residents and businesses, large and small.

50,000 residents, 70,000 students et 180,000 employees make up the Paris La Défense community.

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Link the business district to the city

Empreintes will accelerate the revival of sites located at the crossroads of the business district and residential sectors. These spaces must be re-appropriated and transformed into full-fledged urban neighborhoods featuring closer links between La Défense and surrounding cities. As such, it is essential that the projects submitted interface with the program to renovate the Patrick-Devedjian Ring Road (Road RD 993, formerly called rong road), initiated by the Hauts-de-Seine Department.

The transformation of La Défense will be further reflected in the arrival of the RER E in 2023 and metro line 15 by 2030.

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With Empreintes, we seek to launch a virtuous cycle
  • Repurpose abandoned sites. 
  • Create connections to neighboring districts.
  • Increase land use diversity in the business district.
  • Develop projects that respond to public uses and needs.
  • Guarantee sustainable, long-lasting development.
  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions on budlings’ entire lifecycles.
  • Drive sustainable and reversible projects.
  • Find alternatives to the sale of building rights…


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