Sculpture-lumière monumentale [Monumental light sculpture]

The artwork

A virtuoso glass designer, Kiko Lopez has found the perfect balance between design and sculpture.

He plays with the light, moving it along his pendants with topaz and bluish reflections, with tangerine and smoky falls, embellished with stylised crystal fruits. A colourful and harmonious correspondence is created from tassel to tassel, offering the eye new nuances.

The artist

Born in San Juan (Puerto Rico) in 1962, Kiko Lopez is a renowned glass designer.

Sensitive to the play of light, from translucent to opaque, he is inspired by his native land where the powerful contrast between light and shadow, interior and exterior, have nourished his sense of line and form.

A graduate of the prestigious RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) where he studied architecture and industrial design and created his first hand-blown glass pieces, he then opened his own design studio in the south of France.