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Schools of banking, finance and insurance

Atlantic Tower where the BSE is located in August 2022

Working in the fields of banking, finance or insurance means calling on a variety of skills and abilities: a sense of customer service, agility, logic, adaptability, listening skills and cooperation... These sectors are far from boring! And contrary to what you might think, banking and insurance are great recruiters!

  • The École supérieure de la banque: the only organization to cover the entire spectrum of the banking sector.

To learn more about this school: https://www.esbanque.fr

  • ACMP IGEFI - Institut de Gestion & d'Études Financières: Association des Comptables Métiers et Professions), created in 1847, is the oldest accounting school in France.

To learn more about this school: https://www.igefi.net

  • IFPASS Paris-La Défense: The Institute of Insurance Profession Training offers a complete range of training courses leading to a diploma, and. Practicing professionals, people looking for a job or changing careers, post-baccalaureate students... There is something for everyone!

To find out more about this school: https://www.ifpass.fr/

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