Higher education in Paris La Défense

Schools of banking, finance and insurance

Atlantic Tower where the BSE is located in August 2022

Working in the fields of banking, finance or insurance means calling on a variety of skills and abilities: a sense of customer service, agility, logic, adaptability, the ability to listen and cooperate...sectors in which recruitment is plentiful.

  • The École supérieure de la banque: the only organization to cover the entire spectrum of the banking sector.

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  • ACMP IGEFI - Institut de Gestion & d'Études Financières : heir of the Association des Comptables Métiers et Professions created in 1847, it is the oldest accounting school in France.

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  • IFPASS Paris-La Défense - Institut de Formation de La Profession de L'Assurance : offers a range of training courses for practicing professionals, job seekers or conversion, post-bac students.

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