Paris La Défense relies on the real estate projects in the sector to continue the transformation of the Saisons district and meet the challenge of sustainability.
Increased vegetation, technical upgrades, beautification, parking... these operations, completed, in progress or to come by Paris La Défense, aim to meet the immediate needs of the district by the end of 2021, namely to revive the district's mixed use vocation and to renew the living environment for employees and residents.

A greener neighborhood and recomposed public spaces

In the vicinity of the Alto tower, the development of the Zaha Hadid square (2,600 m²) has been accompanied by the redesign of part of the Place des Saisons into a 2,400 m² garden, and the greening of the Louis Blanc side street. This central area has also been enhanced with new street furniture.

In the Saisons district, new plants have been planted in the Place des Saisons, the Place des Dominos and in the Square Vivaldi. The beds have been renewed: their composition includes low (ground covers etc.), medium (shrubs) and high (trees) strata, with the lower strata protecting the upper strata. The automatic watering system in the square has also been completely renewed for greater efficiency.

In addition, cleaning and renovation operations took place between 2019 and 2020. The false ceilings of the various passageways were refurbished on the Dominos Square and the Seasons Square. Some of the slabs on blocks that make up the floor of the neighborhood have been restored.

Easier access

The Louis Blanc footbridge has been completely renovated and artistically enhanced as part of the project to enhance the footbridges in the area. The Aigle footbridge is also being renovated. Eventually, it will be adorned with LED ribbon, and projections on the underside like Louis Blanc.

The Audran footbridge and its kiosk will be the subject of a lighter and faster rehabilitation in 2021 (waterproofing, resumption of the railings and the metal structure).

On the Pont de Neuilly side, on the hotel forecourt, a new layout now allows for minute drop-offs. A parking area is available for motorcycles and scooters.

Playgrounds for children

The small playgrounds scattered throughout the neighborhood will be replaced by a new structure located at Place des Saisons. The program will include several entertainment areas for all ages and a green treatment.

In 2021, it is thus planned to:

  • Create a 260 m² playground for children aged 2 to 6 years;
  • Create a space for all with new seating, a shared library and a petanque court;
  • Requalify 440 m² of vegetated area by planting flowers, grasses and shrubs;
  • Replacing diseased trees with adapted and robust tree species.

For the youngest, Paris La Défense has decided to create a play area, colourful and with a soft floor, which invites them to spend themselves without counting the cost!

The little ones will be able to improve their motor skills by crawling on these adapted floors without risk and by letting themselves be rocked by the swing. Older children will enjoy a trampoline, climbing holds, and of course a slide!

Vue d'ensemble de l'espace enfant Quartier Saison © Crédit Atelier Foïs

As for the parents, and other adults of course, they will be able to enjoy a friendly space with seating furniture and a petanque court.

Vue d'ensemble de l'espace convivial - Quartier Saisons © Crédit Atelier Foïs

In summary

  • Place des Dominos: cleaning of the false ceiling (2019) and replacement of the tiling of the planters (2020). Resumption of automatic watering and replanting of planters (2021).
  • Damiers Gallery: tiling and replanting of planters (2020).
  • Place des Saisons: cleaning of the false ceiling, replacement of the planter tiles, replanting of the perennial bed (2019). Creation of a playground (2021).
  • Edging of the Audran footbridge: cleaning of the false ceiling (2019) and replanting of the planter (2020). Rehabilitation of the footbridge and the kiosk (2021).
  • Passerelle Louis Blanc (2020) and Passerelle de l'Aigle (2021): rehabilitation as part of the program to enhance the territory's footbridges.
  • Vivaldi Square: replanting of all the flower beds and complete overhaul of the automatic watering system (2020/2021). Replacement of fences (2021).
  • Rue Louis Blanc and rue du Général Audran: landscape study and analysis of the site (2021).
  • Square des Saisons: landscape study and redesign of the square.

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