CSR: Paris La Défense takes action!

CSR: Paris La Défense takes action!

Less waste, more sharing! We need you to make Paris La Défense a territory of mutual aid and commitment.

Producing less waste, saving resources and encouraging sharing, this is the credo of responsible and solidarity-based consumption, but also of the fight against great precariousness. At Paris La Défense we are convinced that solidarity and civic commitment can make a difference! The establishment has therefore decided to multiply initiatives and encourage employees and residents to consume responsibly, to show solidarity with people in very precarious situations, and to reduce their waste, all with the aim of living together better.

The label of Paris La Défense

In order to assert its sustainable development strategy, Paris La Défense has decided to create its own label: "Paris La Défense acts". This new label is a lever for a change in image for the area, which more strongly asserts its willingness to act to make Paris La Défense a mixed, responsible, sustainable and committed district. It also guarantees that the establishment is implementing concrete actions to act sustainably and on a large scale on environmental and societal concerns.

Paris La Défense offers you the opportunity to innovate in this area by sharing some of your time and energy with others, but also by adopting new reflexes. Here is an overview of the initiatives and possibilities available to you to get involved. 

CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility



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