A road ring transformed into a pedestrian and cycle path

Promenade suspendue Rose de Cherbourg

The conversion of the road ring into a large suspended promenade decorated with contemporary arbours is a sign of the renewal of the Rose de Cherbourg district. Following the example of what exists in New York, Tokyo or London, the eyes of walkers, cyclists and sportsmen will be directed towards the skyline of La Défense.

This operation is emblematic of the Rose de Cherbourg development project. The suspended promenade takes the form of a 400 to 500 metre balcony overlooking the La Défense skyline. A symbol of the place occupied by the car in the 1960s, the former interchange is now becoming a symbol of the sustainable city. The conservation and conversion of the road ring into a suspended promenade shows that it is possible to change the face of a district while limiting the environmental impact. The removal of the motorway character of the ring road, the lighting of the underside of the ring road, the new pedestrian accesses and the landscaping choices transform the old infrastructure by giving it a new role. Its arbours alternate panoramic views and shaded passages. Furniture and new railings punctuate the path.

Key elements

  • A promenade of more than 500m overlooking the central square of the Rose de Cherbourg project
  • A place accessible to people with reduced mobility and to bicycles
  • Several accesses on both sides of the promenade and 1 lift on the Place des Degrés side
  • 9 arbours that contribute to the identity of the site, new street furniture and new railings

Sabrina Budon