Urban project

As part of the development project for the ZAC des Groues, and more specifically the Hanriot sector, Woodeum, as the developer of lot 4, is to acquire part of rue Édouard Colonne, for a total surface area of approximately 45 sq.m, located on a registered right-of-way AH n°542 in Nanterre, belonging to the Paris la Défense public establishment.

More generally, as part of the implementation of the new road artwork for the development project, the rue Édouard Colonne right-of-way, located between rue d'Arras and rue François Hanriot, will be removed and integrated into a new public space.

Article L. 141-3 of the French Highway Code provides, in particular, that the procedure for classifying or downgrading a municipal road is exempt from prior public enquiry, except when the planned classification or downgrading results in a detriment to the service or traffic functions provided by the road, and that this public enquiry is to be opened by the owner of the road.

The profile of rue Édouard Colonne is set to be profoundly altered by the development work in the ZAC.

Traffic on the current rue Édouard Colonne will be diverted to the current rue François Hanriot so as to bypass the future Place d'Arras. Traffic will be routed through the "eastern loop", shown here in yellow, which corresponds to the current rue François Hanriot and rue Édouard Colonne.

Below you can download the documents related to the public enquiry:

Decommissioning of part of rue Édouard Colonne in Nanterre