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Restructuring of the Pascal Towers
Developer : Paris La Défense
Promoter: Altarea Cogedim
Investor: SAS Pascal Procpo (Altafund and Goldman Sachs) Office space: 70,000 sq.m.
Height: 100 m
Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture
Delivery: 3rd quarter 2020

Located on Place des Degres in Puteaux, the Landscape real estate complex is part of the Rose de Cherbourg project, which includes the requalification of the Boulevard Circulaire ring into a suspended walkway inspired by the New York High Line, as well as new links between the town of Puteaux and La Défense.

Initially consisting of two office towers, the restructuring provides for a unique ensemble known as "Landscape" which aims to: raise the building, construct the space that existed between the two initial towers, create an innovative new facade, create a retail outlet, redesign the lobby and improve the building's energy performance.
From the inside, Landscape will open up perspectives to offer all its occupants an outward-looking living and working experience. All, without distinction, will benefit from natural light at their posts.

Landscape will integrate a complete and innovative range of services (new-generation business center, varied restaurant areas, sports hall, full-service concierge service, wellness area, community library, vegetable garden), and will be adapted to the latest environmental standards.

Targeted certifications: NF HQETM (French standard for the quality of tertiary buildings), BREEAM® (very good), Well, BBC-Effinergie Rénovation label, WiredScore® (French standard for the quality of tertiary buildings).

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