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Press release June 5, 2024

Paris La Défense launches renovation of public spaces public spaces in the Michelet district, on the outskirts of The Link

The south-east of Paris La Défense has embarked on a major urban regeneration project. In a district whose daily life is punctuated by the major restructuring of the Lightwell building and the construction of the future headquarters of TotalEnergies (The Link), Paris La Défense is launching work on the transformation of public spaces, for delivery in 2026.
Press release May 15, 2024

Paris La Défense is marketing two plots of land in the Seine-Arche mixed development zone in Nanterre

Covering more than 120 hectares, the ZAC Seine-Arche connects the Grande Arche de La Défense to the banks of the Seine, as an extension of the historic axis. Twenty years ago, it was created to unify different areas of Nanterre separated by transport infrastructure (A14 freeway and railroad lines), to create high-quality, green public spaces and an 840,000 m2 mixed-use construction program, 20% of which remains to be completed in the Croissant and Franges de l'Université sectors. Paris La Défense has just launched consultations for the sale of the penultimate right-of-ways, enabling the development of mixed-use, low-carbon real estate projects. These projects are scheduled for delivery by 2028.
Press release April 8, 2024

Garden Parvis 2024 Festival

Paris La Défense's must-see summer event, the Garden Parvis Festival, returns from June 26 to July 26, 2024, for a 5th edition full of promise! Conceived, designed and produced by MOMA EVENT. This free event, open to all, promotes the Paris La Défense area and enhances its appeal. With a summer vibes music program, feel-good events for all, a varied Food Court, electrifying aperitif times... Garden Parvis 2024 is already shaping up to be a not-to-be-missed festival!
Press release March 12, 2024

Paris La Défense announces the winner of the Demi-Lune site : Linkcity and Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion will build France's first low-carbon high-rise building

At MIPIM 2022, Paris La Défense launched the Empreintes call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects to meet the challenges set out in its raison d'être and become the world's first post-carbon business district. Live from MIPIM 2024, the public institution reveals the identity of the winning team for the Demi-Lune site in Puteaux. Linkcity and Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion, in association with architects L'AUC, XDGA and landscape architects Inside Outside, have won the last available plot of land in this competition.
Press release March 12, 2024

Paris La Défense announces the third winner of the Empreintes call for projects : Quartus wins the Liberté site

At Mipim in 2022, Paris La Défense launched the Empreintes call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects, with the aim of meeting the objectives set out in its raison d'être and becoming the world's first post-carbon business district. The winning project for the Liberté site, in Puteaux, is led by the consortium represented by Quartus - making its first appearance at Paris La Défense - with project management by Baumschlager Eberle Architectes and Itar Architectures, in association with urban and landscape designer Wald. This is the third site to be unveiled.
Press release February 13, 2024

Paris La Défense adjusts its organization and makes appointments to its executive committee. committee.

As Europe's largest business district continues its transition to a mixed-use model promoting responsible development, the executive committee of Paris La Défense is reorganizing to capitalize on the expertise of its members. The public institution, which is committed to decarbonization, is seeking greater flexibility and complementarity in order to adapt to current changes.
Press release January 31, 2024

Vélib' Métropole to serve Paris La Défense by 2025

The business district will be home to some thirty Velib' stations. Scheduled for deployment before summer 2025, this new system will facilitate mobility in this strategic sector of the Greater Paris Metropolis. It will also meet the needs of the thousands of employees, residents and visitors who frequent Paris La Défense every day.
Press release November 14, 2023

Themed guided tours to discover all the facets of Paris La Défense

A unique urban landscape, Paris La Défense can now be discovered on guided tours with commentary. For 1h30, Manatour will lead you on a guided tour of the district : a historical journey, impressive or poetic works of art, emblematic towers and sites... During an open-air stroll, Paris La Défense reveals all or part of its secrets.
Press release November 8, 2023

Paris La Défense strengthens the diversification of its economic base

Every day, the business district attracts more and more sectors, enriching its economic fabric. The area, historically home to the headquarters of major companies and consulting firms, is attracting a growing number of players from new horizons, such as pharmaceutical laboratories, retail, higher education higher education and the luxury goods sector.
Press release September 25, 2023

Paris La Défense delivers its brand new place de La Défense

In the spring of 2021, Paris La Défense undertook the redesign of the emblematic and vast place de La Défense. At the end of major works, the new landscape of this link between the esplanade and the parvis, a major component of the royal way of Paris, is revealed and was inaugurated last Friday.
Press release September 21, 2023

Reuse Booster : Paris La Défense and A4MT sign a partnership to massively reuse materials, a pillar of low-carbon construction

Given the environmental impact of the construction sector in France (70% of waste production and waste and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions), the transition to a more sustainable and circular model through the practice of re-use is a major lever for reducing the environmental impact the environmental impact of the region's real estate activities.
Press release June 29, 2023

Garden Parvis Programming

This summer 2023, Garden Parvis, the laid-back summer festival at the foot of La Défense's Grande Arche, returns for a 4th edition that's even fresher, more colorful and more pop. On a 6,000m² surface dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, visitors will be able to enjoy a rich program, punctuated by a tempting and original gastronomic offer, musical performances, and a multitude of "good vibes" for a most exhilarating summer.
Press release June 29, 2023

Garden parvis 2023

From June 29 to July 29, 2023, Garden Parvis returns to the heart of La Défense with a new edition of the most summer festival!
Press release May 31, 2023

The Groues district: the future low-carbon benchmark

Paris La Défense is pursuing the development of Les Groues, the 11th district of Nanterre, with a view to setting an example. To achieve this, the public planning institution launched a study to assess the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projected for this sector at different stages of the current developments. The results exceeded expectations: -9.2 and -31.2% CO2 emissions for the two Groues sectors studied, compared with similar urban projects. The reuse of excavated soil, the use of wood and bio-sourced materials in construction, and the distinctive features of the Paris La Défense heating network all contribute to these encouraging results.
Press release May 25, 2023

Contract catering: the fight against food waste is bearing fruit

Since 2018, the association La Défense des Aliments has been working against food waste in collective catering. General awareness of the need to adopt responsible behavior continues to grow at Paris La Défense. The catering services of companies in the business district have had to reinvent themselves against a backdrop of changes in the world of work. The approach, supported by ADEME and DRIAAF Île-de-France, is being strengthened, and is showing considerable improvement. On the occasion of the announcement of its annual weigh-in, the association shares its observations and discusses its levers for action.
Press release May 15, 2023

Paris La Défense: 55% more students in 5 years!

Paris La Défense: an economic hub, an employment area, a cultural and leisure destination... but also a new address for higher education. The number of "grandes écoles" setting up in Paris La Défense, extending their premises or relocating their Parisian campuses to the area is on the rise. In five years, the number of students in the district has risen by 55%. With its international and professional dimension, Paris La Défense is an attractive location that meets the needs of higher education.
Press release April 24, 2023

Les Extatiques 2023

Hauts-de-Seine's open-air art walk, unveils the first artists of its 6th edition! From June 22 to October 1, 2023 at La Seine Musicale in Boulogne and Paris La Défense.
Press release April 19, 2023

The future Seine-Europe district is unveiled

The Hauts-de-Seine Department, the City of Courbevoie and Paris La Défense are working together to prepare the future of the Diderot-Audran district. This area will indeed be transformed into the Seine-Europe district. The work, which will begin this year, will involve the transformation of existing schools, the renovation and greening of public spaces, the extension of Diderot Park and the development of real estate projects, including the creation of a European school.
Press release February 2, 2023

Nature in the city: 11 new green spaces awarded the ÉcoJardin label at Paris La Défense

After the Jardin des Reflets, awarded the label in 2020, eleven new green spaces at Paris La Défense have been awarded the EcoJardin label. This distinction, awarded on February 2 at the Rencontre ÉcoJardin at the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, rewards the efforts made by Europe's leading business district to restore the place of greenery in the urban environment.