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Press release February 2, 2023

Nature in the city: 11 new green spaces awarded the ÉcoJardin label at Paris La Défense

After the Jardin des Reflets, awarded the label in 2020, eleven new green spaces at Paris La Défense have been awarded the EcoJardin label. This distinction, awarded on February 2 at the Rencontre ÉcoJardin at the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, rewards the efforts made by Europe's leading business district to restore the place of greenery in the urban environment.
Press release December 16, 2022

Paris La Défense unveils an interactive map for a 3D immersion in 3D. Discover the business district!

Combining modernity and digital, Paris La Défense innovates with the online launch of a complete interactive map of its territory. It presents a 3D version of the business district and its projects such as The Link, the Place de La Défense and the new Groues district. Whether you want to get a bird's eye view or a bird's eye view, explore more than 550 hectares from your screen!
Press release December 14, 2022

Public spaces Faubourg de l'Arche

As part of its strategy to transform the territory, Paris La Défense has launched a consultation for urban project management in order to upgrade the public spaces in the Faubourg de l'Arche sector, on the perimeter of the OIN de La Défense, and to accompany the real estate changes to come.
Press release October 13, 2022

Call for Empreintes projects

Paris La Défense selects 16 candidates. A total of 34 groups applied for the Empreintes call for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects, launched by Paris La Défense at MIPIM in March. Empreintes involves the transformation of 5 sites, located at the junction of the business district and the urban fabric of the towns of Puteaux and Courbevoie. Environmental exemplarity, contribution to neighborhood life, durability and technical innovation are the guiding principles.
Press release September 22, 2022

Paris La Défense aims to reduce electricity consumption by 15% by the end of winter

On Wednesday September 21, Paris La Défense brought together nearly 400 representatives of local businesses, building owners and managers. Organized in conjunction with RTE, IFPEB and the Hauts-de-Seine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the aim of the meeting was to provide information on the electricity supply situation for the coming winter, and to set joint targets for reducing the district's electricity consumption by 15% by the end of the winter. This unprecedented collective approach is in line with Paris La Défense's ambition to halve the area's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
Press release March 29, 2022

2021, one of the best years for rentals at Paris La Défense: over 205,000 m² of office space leased

The Paris La Défense office market surprised in 2021. The district recorded, the highest level of transactions (in number and volume) in the last five years. With 205,000 m2 of workspace leased in 92 transactions, Europe's leading Europe's leading business district. Its attractiveness to companies withstood the health crisis, at a time when some were questioning the very principle of the office. As a result, by the end of 2021, La Défense's performance in terms of 20% above the ten-year average. You have to go back to 2016 to reach such levels.
Press release February 1, 2022

New milestones in the transformation of the Groues district

Les Groues, located to the west of the Grande Arche in the commune of Nanterre, is a future 65-hectare eco-district being developed by Paris La Défense, in close collaboration with the city of Nanterre. This is one of the largest mixed-use development projects in the Paris region, with 4,500 new homes to be built by 2030. Acquisitions, construction, marketing, deliveries... new milestones will mark the beginning of 2022.
Press release January 14, 2022

Latest barometer confirms user satisfaction at Paris La Défense

As it has every year since 2013, Paris La Défense has surveyed users, employees, students and residents of the area to assess their level of satisfaction. This year, 1,800 district users responded to the survey carried out in October 2021. Focus on the of this ninth barometer.
Press release December 7, 2021

Paris La Défense sets a new strategic course for the future of the area

After more than 60 years in existence, Europe's leading business district is opening an unprecedented chapter in its history by setting a new strategic course and adopting a Raison d'être*. Climate change and the Covid-19 health crisis have led us to rethink the historic development development based on densification and monofunctionality. At a time when reproducing the mechanisms of the past carries the risk of ecological, social and financial deadlock, and financial impasse, Paris La Défense is committed to experimenting with new ways of living, working and building the city, and to becoming the world's first post-carbon business district.