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Press release April 19, 2023

The future Seine-Europe district is unveiled

The Hauts-de-Seine Department, the City of Courbevoie and Paris La Défense are working together to prepare the future of the Diderot-Audran district. This area will indeed be transformed into the Seine-Europe district. The work, which will begin this year, will involve the transformation of existing schools, the renovation and greening of public spaces, the extension of Diderot Park and the development of real estate projects, including the creation of a European school.
Press release December 16, 2022

Paris La Défense unveils an interactive map for a 3D immersion in 3D. Discover the business district!

Combining modernity and digital, Paris La Défense innovates with the online launch of a complete interactive map of its territory. It presents a 3D version of the business district and its projects such as The Link, the Place de La Défense and the new Groues district. Whether you want to get a bird's eye view or a bird's eye view, explore more than 550 hectares from your screen!
Press release December 14, 2022

Public spaces Faubourg de l'Arche

As part of its strategy to transform the territory, Paris La Défense has launched a consultation for urban project management in order to upgrade the public spaces in the Faubourg de l'Arche sector, on the perimeter of the OIN de La Défense, and to accompany the real estate changes to come.
Press release March 29, 2022

Point Immobilier

2021, l’une des meilleures années sur le plan locatif à Paris La Défense : plus de 205 000 m2 de bureaux loués
Press release September 21, 2021

Paris La Défense presents the future Reflets district

Paris La Défense is continuing the transformation of its public spaces. The objective: to capitalize on the urban mix, accelerate its transformation into a living space, open up to the surrounding cities and simplify the daily life of its users. simplify the daily life of its users.