The bicycle in Paris La Défense

The 2023/2027 cycling plan

Cycling on the esplanade (c) Bénédite Topuz

To enable more than 50,000 cyclists to access the area on a daily basis by 2040, Paris La Défense is stepping up its action through the implementation of a new bicycle plan between 2023 and 2027 based on 4 major objectives.

Improving access to the district for all users!

To achieve this, we need to encourage cyclists to prioritize the use of paths outside the La Défense slab, on boulevard Patrick Devedjian or in the district's covered lanes. Paris La Défense will complete its cycle network, making it safer, more comfortable, efficient and continuous, by creating :

  • connections with the Réseau Express Régional Vélo (Ile-de-France's regional bicycle network);
  • cycle routes and parking facilities for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games;
  • a permanent installation on the Neuilly bridge and on the Courbevoie side;
  • intermodality with the region's transit hubs.

Reducing conflicts of use on the La Défense slab !

In order to make it easier for cyclists to cycle around the dalle, which is a pedestrian-priority zone, and to raise awareness of the relationship between cyclists and pedestrians by reminding them of the rules of the road, clearer signage will be deployed to support them, particularly with regard to route marking. The public authority will also be drawing inspiration from virtuous models from Nordic countries, such as Copenhagen, where the city has successfully transformed itself in recent years to make cycling the mode of transport most used by its residents.

Deploy appropriate parking facilities !

Although the district already has more than 2,000 spaces in bicycle racks and more than 600 spaces in its parking lots, this offer will be reinforced in the future. The Paris La Défense parking lots will continue to deploy new spaces reserved for bicycles, and the public establishment will continue to create secure bicycle rooms.

Developing a range of services for cyclists

By setting up complementary services and promoting cycling throughout the area, Paris La Défense intends to increase users' commitment to this mode of transport by :

  • introducing a Vélib' Métropole service;
  • offering bicycle repair services;
  • creating bicycle access cards for each building;
  • creating synergies between the region's cycling plan and the integration of mobility into the building stock.

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