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Cold weather plan

Plan grand froid Paris La Défense

Plan grand froid Paris La Défense Arena © Carlos Ayesta

In partnership with the French Red Cross and the Hauts-de-Seine Prefecture, Paris La Défense Arena, the largest auditorium in Europe, provides a space to shelter up to 35 homeless people during periods of extreme cold.

The enclosure provides a sleeping area with 35 beds, hygiene kits, sanitary facilities with showers, food baskets, a kitchen area with refrigerators, microwave ovens, tables and chairs. On the financial side, the costs incurred by the association are subject to a specific subsidy from the State. Paris La Défense Arena undertakes to cover all costs related to the use of the premises (heating, lighting, water, fire safety, maintenance, etc.).

This system is the result of a common will of the public establishment Paris La Défense and Paris La Défense Arena, but above all of a spirit of solidarity.

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