Higher education

Other sectors present on the territory

Coeur Défense where the HEIP campus is located in August 2022

**Other sectors are arriving step by step and are also making a place for themselves at La Défense! From sports to politics, from agriculture to osteopathy, the range of training courses available in the area is constantly increasing and diversifying!

International & political

  • HEIP - Hautes Études Internationales et Politiques : A pioneering school in the fields of political science and international relations that has just opened its doors in September 2022 in the Cœur Défense 2 building in La Défense!

To learn more about this school: https://www.heip.fr


  • IHEDREA Paris - The Institut des hautes études de droit rural et d'économie agricole is the only institute of higher education and professional training in Agro Management in Europe.

To learn more about this school: https://www.ihedrea.org


  • Apollon School : a 100% sports school located in the Atlantic Tower, close to the many sports facilities in the area.

To find out more about this school: http://www.ecole-apollon.fr


  • IFSI IHFB Puteaux : Learn to be a nurse, a nursing assistant or a nursery assistant in the heart of the CNIT.

To learn more about this school: https://www.ifsi-ihfb92.fr/

  • Conservatoire Supérieur d'Ostéopathie: aims to train the osteopaths of tomorrow by developing their ability to listen, observe, anticipate and adapt. It actively collaborates with the highest academic authorities in the production of new knowledge in osteopathy.

To learn more about this school: https://www.osteo.fr/


  • CFA AGEFA PME IDF Puteaux: Trains the young people of today for the companies and SMEs of tomorrow in the Ile de France region!

To find out more about this school: https://www.agefa.org/

  • CFA Courbevoie : the portal of the scientific alternation ! Chemistry, physics, management, biology & biotechnology ... you will find many areas of training!

To find out more about this school: https://www.afi24.org/

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