Events at La Défense

Organize an event

Are you an agency, a company or an event organizer? Are you planning to organise an event on the Paris La Défense site? Follow the instructions for use !

  1. Contact our events team at least 3 months before the date of the event and present your project (description, dates, duration, surface area envisaged, etc.).
  2. Our team assists you in setting up your technical files (on-site location, technical constraints), safety and security, and directs you to the competent authorities.
  3. Once all the positive opinions of the competent authorities have been collected, an authorisation is issued to the organiser by means of an agreement to occupy the public domain.

Facilitating the reception and organisation of your events and making the public space available

  • Commercial operations: product launches, roadshows, brand activation, etc.
  • Sporting events: races, tournaments...
  • Charity events: awareness operations, festivals, races...
  • Events / cultural activities: music festivals, exhibitions, events for the general public...
  • Filming and photo shoots: film shoots, short films, series, commercials, clips, TV shows...
  • Street marketing: distribution, sampling, satisfaction survey, advertising vehicle...

The success of your events

  • Dedicated project managers to advise you
  • A technical team to assist you in the coordination of your projects
  • A security service to recommend the appropriate measures for the device.

Contact our team dedicated to the events activity of the Paris La Défense business district >>

Authorisation is required to organise an event on the public domain managed by Paris La Défense. The occupation of the public domain is subject to a fee depending on the type of event.

>> Download the occupation regulations

>> Download here the price list

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