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Rose de Cherbourg - Puteaux

Jun 22, 2020 - Oct 31, 2020

Rose de Cherbourg / Puteaux
- From the end of June to October 2020: work to lower the Rueil slip road and reconfiguration of the Valettes crossroads.

As part of the work on the Rose de Cherbourg, which starts this summer, Paris La Défense is carrying out development work throughout the sector. Between now and the end of June, work to lower the Rueil slip road will begin, followed by work on the Valettes crossroads.

The work on the Rueil slip road consists of :

  • Lowering the Rueil slip road and connecting it to the Avenue du General de Gaulle,

  • Demolish the underground located under the exit ramp (not to be confused with the Turpin/Curve underground located under this same avenue, which is not impacted), avenue du Général de Gaulle (sidewalk on the Hekla Tower side). A temporary pathway will be put in place during July.

The works at the Carrefour des Valettes consist of :

  • Creating a new access to La Défense (turn left), from the Boulevard Circulaire via avenue Jean-Moulin.

The Rueil slip road will be closed in two stages:

  • From Monday 22 June to Tuesday 30 June 2020: partial closure from 10 am to 4.30 pm.
  • From Wednesday 1 July to Monday 31 August 2020: continuously closed.

A detour is planned via the Ambroise Paré slip road and the La Défense roundabout (signposted on site).

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