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Strike of December 5: what alternatives?

A few days before the strike of December 5, expected as a "Black Thursday" in public transport, we have identified the alternatives available to reach the business district or work remotely.

Moving by car

During strikes, La Défense car parks set up special rates:

  • Weekly rate of €70.00 instead of €75.00 per week via the OPnGO application
  • Monthly fixed price of 154,00€ instead of 175,00€ via the Agence Commerciale des Parking de Paris La Défense located on level -1 of the Centre-Grande Arche car park.

Special offers are available on journeys made by VTC on several platforms:

Discounts on carpooling trips

  • Île-de-France Mobilités offer discounts for carpooling trips. If you are a passenger, book your trip from the application or on the Vianavigo website. If you are a driver, register on one of the five partner carpooling platforms (BlaBlaLines, Covoit'ici, Karos, Klaxit and OuiHop) and benefit from a special subsidy for each trip.

Moving by bike

  • Last September, Île-de-France Mobilités launched a new service for the long-term rental of electrically assisted bicycles. Registration at One month free on the subscription with the code VELIGODECEMBRE.
  • A map of bike access to Paris La Défense is available HERE.
  • Secure parking spaces are available in the Centre-Grande Arche car park, which has recently been equipped with a bicycle escalator. 700 hoops for attaching bicycles are also available everywhere in La Défense.

Use vehicles in free floating

  • Paris La Défense has set up two fleets of scooters in free floating: Lime and Wetrott. Scooters are available in the neighbourhood. Lime offers a 1 euro discount on journeys on 5 December and then a 10% discount on your journeys during the rest of the social movement. Promo code: RATPLIME.
  • RATP offers preferential rates on several car-sharing sites:

Testing remote workspaces

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