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Food Trucks

The 2019 season of Food Trucks is over!

We hope that you had good tastings, and we hope to see you on Monday, March 9, 2020 for the new season!

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They made us salivate last year:

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The Mozza & Co. trattoria invites you to discover the most beautiful flavours of Italy with a flagship product: mozzarella. Salads, focaccia, pizza al taglio, burrata and dolce Vita: Italy is yours!


"Minute, Papillons!" takes you to Italy with piadines, artisanal wheat cakes made with olive oil, mainly with Italian sausages and cheese (a veggie recipe is also available); and arancinis, fried risotto croquettes made with meat or vegetables. Sweet side: homemade tiramisu and panna cotta.


Nolita Street offers you a revisited Italian street food: focaccia bread in olive oil, ripened cheese, freshly sliced transalpine sausages, quality Charolais meat, Italian pastries with gianduja or Sicilian pistachio... Enough to transport you to the streets of Naples or Palermo for a lunch break.