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Food Trucks

The 2019 season of Food Trucks is over!

We hope that you had good tastings, and we hope to see you on Monday, March 9, 2020 for the new season!

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They made us salivate last year:

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Le Cousin Mouton develops grilled cheese sandwiches inspired by the famous American Grilled Cheese. Traditional bread and butcher's meat, AOC/DOP cheeses, vegetables and market gardening fruit: all products are purchased from producers and breeders on French farms... And even from the Ile-de-France region!


The Food Truck for cheese lovers! Cheesers revisits a specialty made in the USA: Grilled Cheese. 100% homemade recipes with homemade bread, PDO/AOC cheeses, French meat and fresh vegetables. With gourmet, vegetarian variations on request, everyone can enjoy themselves!