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Food Trucks

The 2019 season of Food Trucks is over. But the 2020 season starts again very soon, on March 9th exactly! Get ready for it!

In the meantime, here is the list of the 20 Food Trucks selected by a tasting jury (composed of local residents, students and employees) and by the Paris La Défense teams:

  • The Tapas Truck ✽
  • New Soul Food
  • Totin
  • Wok & Roll
  • At Zaz's
  • Bud's Deli
  • The Trotter ✽
  • Cup & Cup ✽
  • Cape Cod Cabin
  • Pizza del Popolo ✽
  • Thaïmin
  • El Coche ✽
  • Chefred ✽
  • Le Beau Caillou ✽
  • The Van
  • Nolita Street
  • Aji Dulce
  • Cheesers
  • The Brigade
  • Kimpop

The ✽ correspond to the newbies. We count on you to give them the best welcome!

They made us salivate last year! :



Camio11ze offers buckwheat pancakes (#glutenfree) and wheat crêpes worked in the traditional way with organic flours. There are many choices of garnishes: from the Complete (egg, ham, emmental) to the Complete Andouille (Guéméné, egg, emmental and green salad) as well as the Complete Ratatatouille. Totally cool!



Kimpop, the first and only Korean Food Truck in France, offers you the country's traditional dish: bibimbap. It is available in several versions: bulgogi beef (marinated in soy sauce), spicy pork, chicken-ginger or tofu for vegetarians. All this is served with a selection of semi-cooked vegetables and a spicy sauce, called Kojujang.



Le Cousin Mouton develops grilled cheese sandwiches inspired by the famous American Grilled Cheese. Traditional bread and butcher's meat, AOC/DOP cheeses, vegetables and market gardening fruit: all products are purchased from producers and breeders on French farms... And even from the Ile-de-France region!



The Mozza & Co. trattoria invites you to discover the most beautiful flavours of Italy with a flagship product: mozzarella. Salads, focaccia, pizza al taglio, burrata and dolce Vita: Italy is yours!



Totin invites you to honour a classic French-style street food: the indestructible ham-butter, whose recipe is available in several destinations (Paris-Rome, Paris-Bombay, Paris-New York, Paris-London). Sandwiches are made with artisanal products found in the Île-de-France region: artisanal Parisian ham, New York-style beef pastrami, smoked turkey breast, organic bread...



The menu is simple and evolves with the seasons, the products (from permaculteurs in the Paris region) and the desires. There is no culinary speciality here, chef Clément Hebben revisits a palette of dishes from around the world that is constantly being renewed.



At Z&J, everything is homemade: burgers, fries and desserts. The breads are made every morning by a local baker and the (French) meat is chopped by the cook just before serving to guarantee freshness and taste. Z&J, which has been awarded the Cervia label, promotes Ile-de-France locavorism and uses mainly 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging.


Imagined by a family of cooks and pastry chefs of African and Caribbean origin, the concept of New Soul Food is based on Afro-braised charcoal (and gluten-free) cuisine: braised chicken, attiéké (cassava semolina), a duo of sweet potatoes with coconut sauce and vanilla, not to mention the traditional plantains bananas.


Chez Zaz is back for a new season full of pancakes. In the kitchen, a former working girl who has swapped her commercial suit for a chef's hat and offers a healthy, balanced, tasty Breton cuisine prepared with good local products. The menu is well provided and its speciality: the "mystery" cake of the day.


Specialist in gourmet burgers (and finalist of the 2018 French Burger Cup!), Bud's Deli only uses fresh products from local producers: the bread comes out of the oven every morning from a baker; the meat comes from large French breeds; the pastrami, homemade, with its unique smoky taste, is deliciously melting.


Come and test the Venezuelan cuisine offered by Aji Dulce. The traditional speciality: arepa, a white corn cake, baked in the oven and cooked with love, topped with typical recipes (with meat or vegetarian). A la carte too: tostones (plantain banana chips), yuca (manioc sticks), homemade fresh fruit juice....


Cabane Cap Cod, the first Food Truck specialized in seafood products. Sea food" and "street food" lovers, you will not be disappointed. On the menu: fish & chips, tandoori shrimps, tuna tataki, gravlax salmon... And for the most gourmands, 100% homemade desserts (cheesecake, brownie, cookies).


The Food Truck for cheese lovers! Cheesers revisits a specialty made in the USA: Grilled Cheese. 100% homemade recipes with homemade bread, PDO/AOC cheeses, French meat and fresh vegetables. With gourmet, vegetarian variations on request, everyone can enjoy themselves!


The carnivores have found their dens. The Brigade is a Food Truck whose motto could be: "Eat less meat, but eat better." On the menu: sliced butchered meats, fresh fries, sauces and desserts, all cooked home made for our greatest pleasure.


Artisanal burgers revisited with the flavours of the world and the French regions. Prepared from fresh and local produce, with Coutancie beef (French Kobe beef) and homemade French fries (Belgian double baking), La Fourgonnette's creations leave no room for doubt: in burger we trust!


"Minute, Papillons!" takes you to Italy with piadines, artisanal wheat cakes made with olive oil, mainly with Italian sausages and cheese (a veggie recipe is also available); and arancinis, fried risotto croquettes made with meat or vegetables. Sweet side: homemade tiramisu and panna cotta.


Inspired by Thai street food, Thaïmin offers dishes composed with fresh products, cooked daily by the Thai chef according to the customer's wishes: it is the customer who chooses his base, his sauce, his meat and all his ingredients. The goal? Propose hundreds of different combinations to make each dish unique!


Nolita Street offers you a revisited Italian street food: focaccia bread in olive oil, ripened cheese, freshly sliced transalpine sausages, quality Charolais meat, Italian pastries with gianduja or Sicilian pistachio... Enough to transport you to the streets of Naples or Palermo for a lunch break.


Looking for a Paris-Bangkok round trip between noon and two? Wok & Roll offers you at least 3 different wok recipes (including a vegan) every day, composed of vegetables carefully chosen according to the season, meat or fish, rice noodles. Home made desserts: chocolate mousse, apples cooked in caramel and homemade whipped cream, white chocolate cookie.


A tasty and vegetal cuisine served on board a colourful Food Truck. Come and discover original wraps that you can accompany with delicious homemade fries. Good news, a gluten-free offer is available, and even the desserts are homemade.


Coffee specialist, Cawatoes invites you to come and enjoy a gourmet break at Cours Valmy by discovering its top-of-the-range breakfasts.


Stop by JH & Co, located at Place de La Défense, and wake up with a freshly squeezed orange juice. Sunrays and vitamin C shots: the ideal combo to start the day off right!