The Park

For a new urban park in Paris La Défense!

What if tomorrow, Paris La Défense became an exceptional site for walks and activities ? What if today, together, we transformed the Esplanade into a vast urban park, living to the rhythm of the seasons and everyone's desires?

Are you interested in this project? Would you like to think with us about its future uses and activities? Then welcome to the Park!

The contours of the future park, from the Esplanade metro station to the Agam fountain

The contours of the future park, from the Esplanade metro station to the Agam fountain

Gradually transforming the Esplanade into a genuine 7-hectare urban park by amplifying the place of plants, transforming the soil, animating the spaces, while preserving and enhancing its heritage: this is the Park's project.

The Park is thus a promise made to all its users: residents, employees, shopkeepers, students... The promise of an improved living environment for everyone, every day, all year round. With new places for conviviality and sharing, an increased planting of the site, and new and unexpected uses.

The Esplanade de Paris La Défense, an area for experimentation that needs to be expanded.

The Esplanade is a place conducive to experimentation: temporary plant meadows, events during Urban Week, sports races, food trucks, experiments with urban furniture, artistic routes... These are all ephemeral activities that have already prefigured the contours of a future urban park. Added to this are the greening of the Lower Square, real estate projects oriented towards leisure and restaurants such as Oxygen and Table Square, as well as uses initiated by the users of the site such as petanque or picnics. Paris La Défense is inspired and nourished by all these initiatives to deploy measures that will gradually transform the Esplanade over the next six years.

What is a system?

The schemes are temporary experiments, lasting one year, which prefigure one or more challenges for the future Paris La Défense Park and outline programmatic paths. They are imagined by Paris La Défense, and by users during the consultation process, then implemented throughout the gradual transformation by the Paris La Défense teams. These creative schemes allow for the testing of possible future developments through use. For example, they can be used to test a new relationship to the site, a new space, a new time of use, new connections between users of the site.

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