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Vegetalize the concrete

Esplanade de La Défense mai 2022 © Sabrina Budon

As you may have noticed, Paris La Défense is a very special place. Its historic heart is designed on a slab and therefore poses many challenges for the greening of its public spaces. For this reason, there is no access to the natural ground, which does not allow nature to regain its rights. Thus, for a planted tree, one must take into account its weight, its rooting and its capacity to survive in a mineral environment. In short, a more than complex equation!

Nevertheless, there are solutions for greening the territory, and the efforts already undertaken are significant. Today, Paris La Défense is :

  • 37.35 ha of public green spaces, i.e. 35% of the pedestrian area;
  • 7 parks, including Diderot Park with a surface area of 12,000 m², the Terrasses Boieldieu, the Terrasses de Nanterre and the Chemin de l'Île Park;
  • More than 1,000 trees with about 40 different species largely dominated by the plane tree, but also by the presence of silver maples and a tree with forty shields;
  • 343 listed plant species, including some protected species such as the Small-flowered Buttercup in the Chemin de l'Île park.

Discover the existing green spaces

Several development projects, both current and future, are evidence of the increasingly intensive deployment of nature in the city of Paris La Défense. Focus on four emblematic projects!

Rose de Cherbourg Park: greener, more urban...

Projection du parc de la Rose de Cherbourg

The technical and environmental challenge that Paris La Défense has taken up is to re-green a site dense with urban and road infrastructures. The road ring thus becomes a suspended promenade, while the planted areas south of Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle (Turpin Square, the area around the Défense 2000 tower, Boieldieu Gardens) are enhanced and combined into a single park. The result: 12,668 m² of planted walks and lawns, with renewed playgrounds. Local and indigenous trees are planted, favouring biodiversity, with melliferous or fruit-bearing plants to welcome birds and pollinators. Not to mention the ornamental trees for the charm of their blooms and colors.

Delivery in summer 2022.

Learn more about the Rose de Cherbourg park

Place de La Défense: the plant wins over the mineral!

Grande pelouse du projet de la place de La Défense © Imica

Since March 2021, the emblematic heart of the business district has undergone a complete makeover. One of the objectives of this vast renovation is to green the area. A large lawn of nearly 2,000 m² will be offered to the thousands of daily users of the site. Art will also be enveloped in nature. The area around Calder's Red Spider will be planted with warmly colored species, echoing the sculpture; Miro's work will interact with a garden full of curves and colors like his Fantastic Characters; and the glass roof over the Coeur-Transport station will also be embellished with new shrubs.

Delivery in spring 2023.

Learn more about the Place de La Défense project

Les Groues: nature on the rails

Projet du jardin des Rails dans Les Groues © In Situ

The program for the exemplary redevelopment of this former railroad network includes more and more nature! In a neighborhood dominated by housing, the Fruitiers meadow will bring to life a large orchard of trees selected for the quality of their fruit and the beauty of their bloom. Other local and ancient species will be planted, notably almond trees with which Nanterre has a special history. The Rain Garden will offer a wetland area. In addition to integrating a rainwater storage system, it will allow the installation of a rich fauna and flora. Finally, a vast playground will be installed in the shade of a grove of evergreen trees.

Delivery in 2025

Learn more about the future Les Groues neighborhood

The Park, one of the largest on a slab in France

Projet du Parc sur l'esplanade de La Défense © MDP

Emblematic project of the Nature in the City approach of Paris La Défense, the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade, also known as the esplanade of La Défense, is going to undergo a profound renewal with the spectacular Park project! On 5 ha and 600 m long between the Agam and Takis basins, it is a real urban park that will be developed for the comfort of users. It will alternate planted areas for relaxation and sports activities, stabilized areas with various urban furniture for petanque, leisure, relaxation, work in the shade of plane trees and food-trucks, as well as flower beds and water basins for walking and contemplation. All of this will be bordered by the 450 existing plane and lime trees that will be preserved as part of the project.

Delivery in 2026.

To learn more about the Park project

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